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The episode starts with Asmita telling Shauvik that she broke his heart in return her heart get broken. She further adds that she has done so much for Paper Ink and Abhimanyu Razdan in return all she got is pain. Shauvik says to Asmita he doesn’t know how to react. Asmita tells him how she blindly trust Abhimanyu even after the CCTV footage of him in the office before Arya’s death. She stood by him always only to get her heart broken. Shauvik tells her, he knows the pain of broken heart so he will be there for her always. Asmita thanks him. She then receives a call from Shailaja so she leaves home. Shauvik smirks and tells atleast his plan to trap Abhimanyu using the CCTV footage worked on his favour. Soon Asmita will return to him for sure.

The FB shows, Shauvik is about to enter Paper Ink at night without the security’s knowledge but he hides himself when Abhimanyu goes inside. He follows Abhimanyu and hears Arya confessing Abhimanyu it’s her who gave the chapter’s of his story to Rizwan but she have no idea how Rumour Ramola got a hold of it. She further tells due to financial crisis she took this path. Abhimanyu tells her, she should have asked money from Paper Ink instead of this. Arya apologises to him and then assures to come out clean by admitting her deeds tomorrow infront of everyone. After Abhimanyu leaves, Shauvik approaches her. Arya tells him that she has given the chapter’s to him now what else he wants. Shauvik tells her, she stole the chapter’s for Rizwan not for him. Now he wants her to get closer to Abhimanyu to learn about his deeds, weakness and everything also asks her to keep informing him through the phone he gave her. Arya refuses to obey. Shauvik warns her then leaves. Arya cries hard. The next day Shauvik gets startled learning Arya’s suicide so after hacking Paper Ink’s site, he erases the footage of him and decides to upload the one in which Abhimanyu’s face is visible. He also learns Maya is Rumour Ramola. The FB ends. Shauvik takes out Abhimanyu’s car key and tells in few days he will destroy Abhimanyu completely after that Asmita will become him and smiles.

Neeta meets Abhimanyu and shares the good news of his sister blessed with a child so asks him to call and congratulate her. Abhimanyu obliges. She senses Abhimanyu is sad so asks him the reason. Abhimanyu tells her how he accused Asmita for stealing his chapter’s which she didn’t and he is guilty. Neeta asks him to not to get upset over this because Asmita is his editor only. Abhimanyu confesses his love for Asmita to Neeta. Neeta tells him, Asmita may be a good girl but both of their life styles are different so they aren’t meant to be. Abhimanyu gets upset so sends her back home. Here, Asmita informs her decision to not to work under Abhimanyu to Maya. Maya tells her about the launch date which is nearing. Asmita tells her there will be only minor works of editing may left which she is sure both Maya and Abhimanyu can manage also asks her to not to force her again. Maya tells she won’t repeat her mistake and accepts Asmita’s request.

Asmita bumps into Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu tries to apologise to her but the latter warns her not to saying she don’t want to hear anything from him then curses him and leaves. Abhimanyu gets upset. Later, Abhimanyu receives a call from Romesh and learns about Rizwan’s decision to launch his book the next day. He informs the same to Maya and meets the team. He learns Asmita’s decision to not to be part of this book. They all wonder’s how to tackle Rizwan and Bani as they both trapped them. Peter suggests to inform the media about Rizwan stealing Abhimanyu’s work. Maya tells it won’t work. Abhimanyu announces his decision to launch the book next day before Rizwan. Everyone looks on shocked.

The episode ends.

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Dear Ishq 1st April 2023 Written Update: Abhimanyu confronts Asmita