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The episode starts with Abhimanyu informing they can release his book the next day before Rizwan’s. Maya tells him about the difficulties of printing the books. Also, Rizwan can defeat them easily by publishing more copies than them. Abhimanyu tells them they can’t let anyone of their hard work go waste and gets frustrated, so leaves the place and goes sits in a staircase. Asmita sees this. Abhimanyu re-enters the meeting room. Maya tells him about their plan to publish the book in online also they will send the hardcopy to the readers at free of cost. Abhimanyu gets happy and praises Maya. Maya tells him it’s Asmita’s idea. Abhimanyu looks at Asmita, but the latter looks away.

Later, Abhimanyu recalls Asmita’s anger, then calls her. Asmita answers without looking at the caller ID. She gets shocked, realising it’s Abhimanyu, who is on the other line. She tells him they both don’t have any professional and personal relationships, so she asks him to leave her alone. Abhimanyu pleads her to give him a chance to meet her. Asmita gets convinced and suggests him to meet her in her house. Abhimanyu obliges.

Shauvik tells himself that after today, Abhimanyu’s life is going to destroy, and no one can save him this time. He then opens Abhimanyu’s car door but gets shocked seeing Abhimanyu is coming there, so he hides himself. Abhimanyu leaves for Asmita’s house. Shauvik follows him and learns Abhimanyu is going to Asmita’s house. He says that Abhimanyu won’t get any chance to patch up with Asmita. Abhimanyu meets Asmita and learns her grandmother and Shailaja went outside. He apologises to Asmita for being fool enough to accuse her. He then pleads with Asmita to give him one last chance to rectify his mistakes. Meanwhile, Shauvik leaves with Abhimanyu’s car somewhere. Asmita tells Abhimanyu that he is indeed stupid and also tells him that not trusting her is one of the reason behind their breakup, but he is aware of the core reason behind their breakup.

Abhimanyu tells her he is ready for the commitment. He wants to have a family with her. Children and grandchildren of their own. He further states he loves her so he can’t think about anyone in his life. Asmita gets surprised. She then questions him for his change in behaviour and then tells the trust between them is shattered. Abhimanyu gets an idea, so he requests Asmita to wait for half an hour as he is going to fix everything and then leaves. Asmita gets confused.

Here, Meera is on the road. She gets shocked seeing Shauvik is in the car and realises his intentions so runs from there to save her life. Shauvik approaches Meera with Abhimanyu’s car and kills her by running the car over her. He then smirks, saying no one can save Abhimanyu now. Abhimanyu gets confused, not seeing his car. He decides to inform the cops later and focus on his mission to reconcile his relationship with Asmita. Later, Abhimanyu returns home and surprises Asmita by giving her her favourite ice cream. He tells her they both know each other well than themselves. Mistakes do happen but pleads her to give him one last chance. Asmita becomes speechless. She then tells Abhimanyu that she needs time to think as it’s not easy for her.

Abhimanyu gets upset but tells her he will wait for her. Asmita thanks him and also asks him to focus on his book launch. Abhimanyu obliges then leaves. Shauvik calls someone and says the work is done. Also, he will inform the cops it’s Abhimanyu’s car. He further tells that he can’t wait to meet the person on the call. He then walks away, thinking no one can save Abhimanyu now and smirks.

The episode ends.

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