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The episode starts with Maya being nervous while about to launch the book. Peter assures her everything will be alright so asks her not to stress. Maya thanks him. She further expresses her worry, saying if their this plan didn’t work out, then they will fail. Peter says it’s not them but their company Paper Ink face failure, but nothing won’t happen to them. Maya gets emotional seeing Peter’s care for her. She is about to kiss him just then the book gets launched. Maya and Peter get happy when the first book sells out. The next day, Asmita gets surprised and happy seeing the decorations and also everyone’s happy face. She goes to her place. Maya praises Asmita for saving them by giving a timely idea. Asmita wonders where Abhimanyu is.

Meanwhile, Abhimanyu is in the police station and asks the inspector to file an FIR for his stolen car. The inspector asks him to wait, saying they are busy in a murder case. He gives his instructions to his subordinate. Asmita calls Abhimanyu, but the inspector is ready to write a complaint so he doesn’t answer her calls. He then gives his car number to the inspector. The inspector gets shocked but takes Abhimanyu in an interrogation room and locks him inside. Abhimanyu gets shocked and confused, so shout, asking what’s happening.

In Paper Ink, everyone gets notifications on their phone, which confuses all of them. Shalini switches on the television. The news reporter talks about Meera’s murder and also her connection with Arya. She further adds that in Arya’s suicide case, Abhimanyu Razdan is the prime suspect. Asmita gets stunned watching the news. Maya, Peter, and all the other employees also get shocked. Here, Abhimanyu tells the officer that he came here to give a complaint about his stolen car. The officer shows him Meera’s photo. Abhimanyu gets shocked learning that Meera is killed. He asks the officer to believe him that he isn’t aware of the murder.

The officer taunts him, saying he is a good writer. It doesn’t mean they will buy his story. He then probed Abhimanyu if he was alone and also what he was doing that time. He mocks at Abhimanyu, saying that he is sure he was alone that time. Abhimanyu tells him he was with Asmita Roy. The officer signs at the inspector, and the latter leaves the place. Meanwhile, the news reporter informs the car is none other than Abhimanyu Razdan’s. Maya refuses to believe, but Peter tells Maya they don’t know about Abhimanyu other than working with him, which Asmita hears it and asks herself whether she knows about Abhimanyu as a person at all? Dev tells his colleague that he doesn’t know who the next person is going to be.

Later, the inspector comes to interrogate Asmita in the office. On the other side when the officer enters the room, Abhimanyu becomes hopeful and asks whether they got their answers because he wants to leave. The subordinates handcuffs Abhimanyu, which confuses the latter. The officer tells Abhimanyu that Asmita informed them about him going out for an hour, which is more than enough for them to arrest him. Abhimanyu gets shocked and hurt. Here, Shauvik laughs watching the news about Meera’s murder. Asmita arrives there and hugs him. She cries hard. Shauvik pretends to be shocked and worried. He tries to calm her down. Asmita blames herself for dragging Meera in all this because of which she got killed. Shauvik calms her down and then smirks happily without Asmita’s knowledge. In the prison, Abhimanyu wonders who is behind all this and what that person gets by trapping him. He decides not to spare that person. He also feels betrayed by Asmita, whose support he needed the most left him like everyone. He says, “Thanks, Dear Ishq.” Abhimanyu gets bail. He returns home and writes “Killer Ishq,” removing “Dear” words. A single tear rolls down his cheek. He then walks away from there.

The episode ends.

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