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The episode starts with Asmita sees Peter and Abhimanyu is talking. Abhimanyu senses Asmita is watching him so when he sees her the latter looks away. Asmita scolds herself for her behavior. After some time she searches for Abhimanyu who isn’t there. Abhimanyu comes beside her and asks his chapter’s opinion. Asmita says it’s nice. Abhimanyu asks is there is anything she specially liked. Asmita acts and says all parts are equally nice then asks him which part he liked in his book. Abhimanyu wonders what kind of game Asmita playing with him then leaves the place saying he asks opinion to learn to improve himself. Asmita smirks and says now it’s her turn to torture Abhimanyu. Shalini takes Asmita from the door.

Later Maya gets shocked seeing Peter in her laptop. She gets learning his truth but hides it from him when Peter asks her whether she get any hold of the suspect. Here Abhimanyu says himself that he gets succeed controlling Asmita which the latter isn’t even aware. He then says that Asmita has to control herself or else she will fall in love with himself. Meanwhile Asmita reads the next chapter and again imagines herself and Abhimanyu in the character’s place. She then tell herself that she never thought that she will fall in love with Abhimanyu’s writing then smiles.

The next day Asmita realises that she is getting late to the office so rushes to leave the house but Abhimanyu video calls her. She gets shocked seeing him shirtless but hides it and asks him the reason behind calling her. Abhimanyu asks her to give her opinion about his chapter’s. Asmita hides her smile and says it’s nice. Abhimanyu gets annoyed and questions her editing skill. Asmita says his chapter’s are nice and interesting. She then suggests him to wear a white shirt under his blazer then disconnects the call. Her grandmother teases her but Asmita tells her they are trying to be a good acquaintances nothing else then leaves for office. In Fresh Print, Bani tells Raman her idea to relaunch his book. Raman suggests of launching a new book of him but Bani refuses and assures him this time the book will get the recognition it’s needed. She then asks him whether Abhimanyu is aware about all this. Raman says he is yet to tell Abhimanyu. Bani gives him a contract. Raman decides to leave but Rizwan arrives there and stares at Raman and Bani.

Here, Asmita realizes that she forget about the pot luck in their office so tells Dev she will bring her mother’s handmade food next time then rushes to meet Abhimanyu. She feels giddy to meet him and then scolds herself for feeling this way because Abhimanyu not even apologised to her yet then gets inside. She gets upset seeing Abhimanyu isn’t wearing the white shirt she suggested him but hides it and discusses with him about the third chapter.

Abhimanyu goes near her. Asmita gets flustered. Dev interrupts and calls Asmita for pot luck. Asmita invites Abhimanyu and the latter obliges. Other side Rizwan acts and introduces himself as Abhimanyu’s good friend also expresses his happiness for signing contract with Fresh Print also takes selfie with Raman. Raman leaves. Rizwan threatens Bani. Bani tries to defend her actions. Here Asmita gives compliments to each food she tastes it. Abhimanyu who hears this realises that Asmita is refusing to compliment his chapter’s other than the ‘nice’ word. So he will make her compliment his chapter’s in other ways. Asmita hides her smirk from Abhimanyu.

The episode ends.

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