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The episode starts with Asmita goes to her interview venue and gives her CV but the head says to Asmita CV it’s not needed. He further tells that they don’t have a vacancy but they created just for her and gives the offer letter. Asmita gets surprised but thanks him and expresses her happiness that someone acknowledged her talent and work. The head tells that he don’t know about her work, he created this vacancy because Abhimanyu recommended her. Asmita gets furious and says to the head she can’t take this job and returns the job offer then leaves. Other side Abhimanyu is in cafe gets ready to write his story. Fans surrounds him asking for a selfie with him. Abhimanyu agrees. Asmita calls Shalini and inquires about Abhimanyu’s whereabouts.

Shalini informs her he went to a cafe to write his book. Asmita reaches the cafe. She sees the fans of Abhimanyu are praising him about his books and how much they loved his books. Asmita makes her presence visible. The fans starts talking to themselves that Asmita is the one who created a scene in the party. Abhimanyu calls Asmita his great friend. Asmita says she wants to talk to him. Abhimanyu excuses himself from his fans and takes Asmita away from there.

Asmita questions Abhimanyu why he is obsessed with her also informs that her decision to turn down the job offer. Abhimanyu taunts her saying that she is a fool who choosing her Ego over a job. Asmita questions him then what about his Ego because of which she even quit her job yet he is becoming obsessed that’s the reason he isn’t leaving her at all. She taunts him then complains about the leakage inside the hotel. Abhimanyu stares ahead then takes her place and let the water droplets falls on him. Asmita leaves the place. Abhimanyu follows her and stops her from closing her car door. Asmita yanks it and Abhimanyu gets hurt.

Abhimanyu asks her why she is hurting his hand repeatedly that too in a same place also asks the reason behind it. Asmita asks him to ask himself the questions because it’s him who is repeating this all then leaves. Later Abhimanyu recalls Asmita’s words over about her becoming like an obsessed person. He then imagines Asmita in his house. Asmita goes and sits near him also inquires about him about his injury. Abhimanyu asks her to leave his house immediately and calls out Nannu. Asmita laughs and says to Abhimanyu that he is obsessed with her. Abhimanyu gets furious and tries to hold her but Asmita disappears. Abhimanyu realises that he dreamed about Asmita then takes a breath.

Asmita’s mother says to her mother in law they should try to lessen the expenses of their households because Asmita don’t have a job now. Her mother in law asks her to not to worry saying everything will be alright. Asmita comes to the house sadly. Both her mother and grandmother senses it so they encourages her to not to lose hope searching for a job because they are sure she will find one. They even gets into a funny argument between them to light up Asmita’s mood. Asmita goes inside refused to have dinner. She recalls everything that happened then cries hard silently. The next day Abhimanyu wakes up and realises that he didn’t write his story and wonders what he will answer to Maya. He then starts working on it.

Meanwhile Asmita’s mother questions her whether she isn’t going to office or not. Asmita says she will but a little later then starts looking at the mails of other publishing house’s but gets upset reading each replies. Shalini calls her and asks her the reason behind her voice which sounds so low and sad. Asmita vents out her frustration of unable to find a job. Shalini tries to tell her something but Asmita gets another call so she says to Shalini that she will talk to her later then answers the unknown number call. Meanwhile Abhimanyu informs Maya that he has written his first draft so Maya suggests him to meet her at any time in the office. Abhimanyu smiles.

Asmita learns that she received a call from Pushtak Publications and the person tells her that they liked her profile and would like to hire her. Asmita thinks this is one of Abhimanyu’s game so she lashes out at the person on the other line and asks them to inform Abhimanyu that she isn’t going to fall for him cheap games and disconnects the line. She then calls Shalini who informs her about her recommending and submitting her CV to Pushtak Publications. Asmita gets shocked realising the blunder she made. She promises to call Shalini later then continuously calls Pushtak Publications but gets upset when they didn’t answers her calls meanwhile Abhimanyu cooks food for himself and smiles looking at the food he made.

The episode ends.

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