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Episode begins with Deepika asking Abhay what is he looking at. Here, Peroz is treating a patient who is into creative entertainment field. Peroz takes her details and appreciates her work as it’s so much hectic. Deepika comes and asks if it is paining too much. The patient says burning pain is happening, if I take anti acid then it becomes better, I came here because I found blood in vomit. Peroz says due to the reports we feel ulcers is there. Deepika says maybe your ulcers have holds. Deepika explains the condition to Riddhima. Riddhima fears the surgery and asks if it is a major surgery? Peroz says yes. Riddhima says I have no relatives here and friends are always busy. Deepika says no issues we will take care. Riddhima says let me take today’s leave and inform my producer. Deepika says it’s not a day’s work. Riddhima says how will I stay here, I am not that kind of person. Deepika says we can’t help it. Deepika leaves. Riddhima asks Peroz if Deepika is always in this mood, Peroz says no no, I will take care.

Here, Vikrant is getting bored and he goes through few cartons of Deepika and finds their old love letters and the gifts he had given Deepika. He smiles seeing that Deepika has saved all of that. He keeps it inside as it was. Here, in ER a prisoner comes and Ali takes in charge. Ansari and nurse talk how this is a very dangerous criminal. Police informs Ali about his vomiting so they take for testing. Police says one of the police members will be with you guys as he might flee this country. Ansari takes the prisoner for tests. Ali asks the police officer how come a prisoner is brought here normally they are taken to government hospital. Police woman says the family members said they want him to get best treatment and they will give the money. Sia comes to Ali and asks advice on another patient.

Here, Deepika is in rusb and doesn’t notice Abhay in the hallway. Abhay feels wierd so he goes after Deepika to the OT preparing room and says I left your team because of you, I couldn’t see you everyday as I fell in love with you. Deepika is shocked. Nurse comes and helps her prep while Deepika is speechless. Abhay looks on with hope for some answer. Deepika leaves for the surgery leaving a sad Abhay.

Ansari comes to Ali and says that metal components are found in the stomach. Ali says book an OT first. Ansari asks the nurse and gets to know that no OT is free. Ansari says please arrange me one it’s urgent. Nurse says Sia’s OT is not occupied yet. Ansari talks to Sia and tries to convince her how his patient is critical. Sia says my patient is critical too, your patient is a criminal but my patient is a middle class man with kids. Ansari says we are not judge to decide who is criminal, we are doctors and here to treat patients. Sia says I have booked the OT so I am not giving you. Sia goes.

Here, Deepika’s surgery is successful, she explains the steps to Peroz and how he can contact her as she is in OPD. Peroz goes. Deepika gets Vikrant’s call. Vikrant asks Deepika to go to her cabin. Deepika says what games are this. Vikrant says please go. Deepika says okay Vikrant. Abhay comes there and listens to Vikrant’s name. Deepika goes to her cabin to see food. Vikrant says I know you haven’t eaten from last night amd with DC gone you must be having lot of pressure so please eat food. Deepika says you told Aditi? Vikrant says I am not telling Aditi as she will not understand and will think I am having affair when it’s not the thing, but I promise I will keep calling her so that she is at peace. Deepika says okay. Deepika eats food.

Sia and Ansari report to Ali that their surgery is successful. Sia and Ansari have another argument about Sia taunting Ansari. Ali is listening to all this and advices Ansari to learn and not invite more troubles. Ansari says what if I like troubles. Ali says then best of luck. Ali goes. Here, Deepika checks on Riddhima who complains of pain in chest. Nurse says she has called for cardiac. Abhay comes and Deepika orders few tests and asks to notify her when the results come. Riddhima says till when will I be here? Deepika says you should have taken more care before but now as you are here, you have to rest. Riddhima says thanks doctor for telling me things with concern, I know I have been compromising my health in these 5 years, but you are right and I will take more care of it. Deepika gets a call from Vikrant who says I am not disturbing you, I was just informing you that I took my two medicines and I will watch TV till the time you come. Deepika says I should have asked. Vikrant says no issues I know you are busy. Deepika says okay bye. Deepika rushes to Riddhima and sees Abhay directing nurse about the medications. Deepika says you should have told me first, Abhay says she is cardiac department patient now. Deepika says okay. Deepika says I need to talk to you Abhay come to my cabin. They go.

Abhay says now what you want to talk? You stayed silent when I shared about my feelings. Deepika says I didn’t imagine you will tell all this. Abhay says now say. Deepika says you have understood it wrong, there is nothing like that. Abhay says in pasy few months we have come closer and got to know each other, the way you came to my home for my aai, I fell for you, I know you feel for me too as you enjoy my company. Deepika says I enjoy the company as friends nothing else you are taking it all wrong. Abhay says why did you felt bad when I left your team? Deepika says I felt weird that you just went without any reason. Abhay says deny as much as you want but I know you love me. Deepika says no it’s not like that. Abhay says you are denying my love because you are involved with Vikrant, you are having an affair with a married man. Deepika says you don’t know anything and you are saying anything, I don’t want to talk to you as you are immature and kiddish. Deepika asks him to go. Abhay feels anxious and goes.

Here, Ali asks Ansari if he has any plans for tonight. Ansari says I have no plans. Ali asks Sia to join in for a party with him, Ansari and Peroz. Sia says I don’t. Ali says no pressure. Sia says no I will join too. Ali says great. Ali takes them to ICU and shows them three patients who have had organ transfer. He makes Sia team leader for that night and says take care of the patients and call me only in case of crisis.

Deepika comes home and Vikrant shows how he has ordered food. Deepika says why so many varieties? Vikrant says so that I can know what you like. Deepika says you could have asked. Vikrant says you could have lied. Deepika eats and they enjoy a light moment whereas Abhay sits in the middle of the road and cries. Deepika comes to room and sees Vikrant shirtless, she says sorry. Vikrant says no issues. Deepika goes to the washroom. Here, Sia asks for stats of patients. Ansari shows tantrums and shows how Sia also doesn’t follow her orders. Sia says I am the team leader so give me the stats. Ansari says I am the team leader normally but you also don’t listen to me. Sia asks him to stop. Peroz asks Sia to work as she is doing as Ansari is behaving wierd. Here, Deepika sees Vikrant sleeping on the sofa. Deepika says you can’t fit there let me sleep. Vikrant says it’s okay. Deepika goes by the window and watches down and calls Vikrant near her. They discuss old days and laugh by the window where Abhay watches them and gets angry.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepika is threatened and blackmailed by Abhay that he knows Vikrant is a drug addict and he will report him. Deepika says what are you saying. Abhay decides to go to DC. Deepika follows him while they get shocked to see Vikrant go into DC’s cabin.

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