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Episode begins with Deepika going to Suhasini and Vikas. They ask for Sushil and Sundar. Deepika says sorry, we tried our best, Sushil…. Suhasini asks her to say it. Deepika says we couldn’t save Sushil, I m really very sorry. They get shocked. They cry. Abhay gets a call. He asks all okay. Sia says we lost Sushil, can you come here, I really need a hug. Deepika asks the nurse to show Sundar’s blood reports to Dr. Ansari. Abhay sees Deepika crying. Deepika goes to her cabin and cries. Abhay comes in.

He sees her crying and goes. Peroz asks Vikas to sign on the papers to shift Sushil to the morgue. Vikas throws the papers. Suhasini signs. Vikas’ parents come and hug him. They cry for Sushil and asks what happened to him. Vikas says it was a genetic disorder. Peroz says no, he tested negative for that. The lady says I told you, this girl has something wrong.

Suhasini asks how is Sundar now. The lady taunts her. Suhasini asks what problem does Sundar has. Peroz says we are doing the tests, he doesn’t have Sushil’s disease. Ansari treats Sundar. Sundar asks how is Sushil, is he fine. Ansari says yes, he is good, he is resting.
Sia calls Abhay. He disconnects. Ansari comes to Deepika. Abhay says don’t go now, go later. Ansari says its imp. Deepika comes out. She asks about Sundar. Deepika goes to see Sundar. Ansari and Deepika discuss the case.

Abhay gets Sia’s call. He asks where are you. Sia says Deepika said I will assist her in the case. Deepika goes to ask Suhasini’s consent for the surgery. Vikas scolds her. Suhasini says I want to meet Sundar once. Deepika asks one of them to meet. Vikas’ mum asks him to go. She says Sundar needs his mum. Vikas says don’t enter our family matter. She says he worries in front of you, its not good for him. Suhasini meets Sundar. Deepika asks him to get fine. Sundar says I want to meet bro. Deepika says he is in a different room. He insists. Deepika asks Ansari to shift Sundar to the OT. Suhasini says mumma loves you, take care. She goes out. She says I have signed the consent form. Vikas’ dad says we will decide it now. Vikas says enough now, I don’t want any fights here, can’t we all pray for Sundar as a family. He cries.

Sia sees Sundar gone. Sundar asks the cleaner about Sushil. Abhay compliments Jenny. He says my Aai got conscious, please help me, I want to go and meet her. Jenny says okay, just ten mins. He says you look pretty. He gets a call. He rushes to look for Sundar. Sundar hides and gets shocked seeing the family hugging Sushil and crying. Sia and Abhay find Sundar. Sundar faints. They rush him. Abhay hugs Sia. She says I don’t think Girija likes me much. Abhay says it takes time. He sees Dr. Mahadik. Mahadik scolds him. Abhay says sorry.

Deepika says we have started Sundar’s treatment, we hope to save his life. Sia goes to check on Girija. She says Abhay told me, I mean, I also wanted to know if you are fine, are you fine. Giriji smiles and says I m fine. Peroz calls Sia and asks her to come fast. Sia says sorry, I have to go for an emergency, take care. Chakravorty comes to Deepika and asks about the emergency dept proposal. She says bad day today. He says I got to know about Sundar and Sushil’s case, you also got emotionally attached with this case, I want the proposal before 9am, any how. He goes. Ansari, Sia and Peroz come there. Deepika discusses the call. She says tell Abhay that Mahadik called me. Ansari says Abhay is burdened by paper work.

Abhay asks Peroz to use the questionaire, it might help him a lot. He goes. Sia thinks about the case. Abhay comes to give his inputs. Ansari says you aren’t on this case. Abhay says you have any problem to take my fresh perspective. Ansari says fine. Abhay gives his inputs. He says there can be another genetic problem also. Ansari says anything can happen.

Abhay says they both used to have ear pain. Peroz says yes, their mum told it now. Deepika comes. Abhay says I think its genetic, I don’t know which one. He goes. Deepika asks Ansari to monitor Sundar. Abhay asks for Mahadik. Jenny says he has a tea break. Abhay goes to Mahadik. Mahadik asks what are you doing here right now. Abhay says I want you to see the questionaires and tell me the connection between the two cases. Mahadik jokes on his confidence to order his senior. Abhay says I m not ordering you, I m requesting you, please see it once, its about a boy’s life, please understand. Mahadik says that’s not my problem, risk is everywhere. Abhay says fine, I will make this your problem now. Deepika and Ansari treat Sundar.

Mahadik shouts Abhay. Abhay says you may complain to Deepika, answer me first. Mahadik says I have to reach OPD on time, I never got late. Abhay says I know it well, answer my question first. Mahadik says this is a crime, you can’t lock me here. Abhay says answer me, then we will be free. Mahadik calls him mad. Abhay says you know a crazy person can do anything, check this form once. Sia says we have to put the patient on ventilator. Mahadik says I have to get you fired.

Abhay says you just see the forms once, I request you. Ansari and Sia argue. Deepika asks for a high risk consent form. She says I will go and talk to the patients. Suhasini asks how is Sundar. Deepika says not so good, Sundar is an underlying problem, we aren’t able to identify it. Vikas asks what do you want to do now. Deepika says we have to keep him on ventilator, he has respiratory failure, we will get time to figure out the problem. Vikas asks will he get saved. Deepika says we will try our best, this is the consent form, sign this please.

Vikas and Suhasini cry. Vikas signs the form. Mahadik sees the forms. He says it doesn’t make sense. Abhay says maybe they both had ear pain. Mahadik says we need facts, your attitude is wrong. Abhay says focus on Sundar right now, he is a kid, I kissed him on his forehead. I felt so helpless and salt. Mahadik asks salt. Abhay says yes, he had sweat on his forehead. Mahadik asks the degree.

Abhay says more than normal. Mahadik says strong observation is very imp. Abhay asks what diagnosis did you make. Mahadik says he has defective glands, he has cystic fibrosis, it is a genetic disorder, symptoms can be different. Abhay says you are a genius, thanks. Abhay comes running to Deepika. He says cystic fibrosis. Deepika asks Ansari to run the tests fast and put on the PCR machine. Deepika goes to Vikas and Suhasini. She says Sundar has cystic fibrosis, Sundar will get fine, we started the treatment. Vikas says thank God. Suhasini cries.

She hugs Deepika and thanks her. Sia holds Abhay and says Abhay is my rockstar,I m so proud of you. Peroz says yes. Ansari says Abhay has a good fate, he wasn’t in the case. Abhay says Ansari really worked hard today, ask him to come with us for a celebration. Sia says I will finish the night round and come.

Deepika talks to Chakravorty and says I will send the emergency ward proposal today itself. She calls her mum. She says when I told you about Vikrant, you felt your upbringing lacked something, meet me and see how I m living, I promise, you won’t be ashamed of me, you will be proud of me, its ten years now, talk to me. Sia and Peroz joke on Ansari’s liner and laugh. Ansari says I know about you both. He tells about their family and background. He laughs. Peroz asks how do you know all this about us. Ansari says I keep my eyes and ears open, I know it.

Sia waits for Abhay. Abhay goes to Girija. Mahadik praises Abhay’s dedication. He says an imp case got solved today, he will gain experience with time, I saw Vinayak in him. Girija says he came first in class. Abhay looks on. Deepika says your Aai is recovering, I will discharge her tomorrow, its your first solo surgery, congrats, check the chart. Abhay smiles. She goes smiling.

Episode ends.

Deepika and Abhay argue in the OT. Sia takes Deepika’s side. Deepika says I need Abhay’s help in a VIP case.

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