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Episode begins with Abhay calls Deepika but Deepika doesn’t pick up. Abhay again calls. Deepika says if I am not picking up then I am not ready to talk. Abhay says I am below your building so are you coming down or should I come up? Deepika sees him from window. Deepika comes down and says what are you doing here? What happened to you? Abhay says what has happened to you? Why is Vikrant here in your flat? He is married. Deepika says it’s my personal matter. Abhay says you are saying this because you want to hide it. Deepika says you are just jealous of Vikrant, you don’t know the facts, go from here.

Here, Ali takes update from Sia. Ali says I am sure with Peroz things went easy but problem must have come up with Ansari. Sia agrees. Ali advises Sia to not give that much importance and power to Ansari that he uses her to her benefit. Sia says you are right. Here, Vikrant asks Deepika where she went? Deepika says nothing just went for fresh air. Vikrant says okay.

Next day, Abhay checks Mala and here Deepika talks to her parents and they say they consulted a doctor before and she has heart arthmia. They share how her stomach is always upset, she gets sweaty often and she doesn’t feel like studying. Mala gets up and says I am fine, don’t be so upset, I want to be in happy environment. She says I am going on a trip to alibagh next week with my friends who are boys and tells Deepika that she has one boyfriend. Mala says her health is fine but her parents just want to prevent her from going to the trip so they are worrying. Abhay says is she always this happy? Mala’s mom says it depends on her mood and sometimes he is quite. They leave. Deepika asks Abhay to run drug abuse tests and says these symptoms are of drug abuse. Abhay then thinks how Vikrant had similar symptoms.

Here, Abhay comes to Deepika about toxic report of Mala being negative. Abhay says but he is not addict like Vikrant, that’s why he took leave. Abhay says take Vikrant to rehab why your home or atleast send him home. Deepika says I know the treatment. Abhay says he is using thi situation against you. Deepika feels uncomfortable so she says you are just jealous and she asks her to leave. Abhay goes.

Deepika comes to Mala’s parents and she takes them alone to tell them she might be going through some mental illness, nowadays many kids go through it and it’s okay. Deepika suggests for seeing psychiatrist. Deepika says you want to see Mala better so we shouldn’t ignore it but we should test it. Parents say we are ready for the test. Deepika says I am taking the appointment. Deepika is in cabin and tells Abhay that she doesn’t want to talk about personal life. Abhay says I want to know professionally that Vikrant has done wrong so I am going to tell DC. Deepika tries to stop her
They both see Vikrant going to DC. They are surprised. Abhay comes inside anyways but DC says I will talk to you later. DC and Vikrant talk and Vikrant confesses about the drug issue.

Here, Abhay asks Deepika why is Vikrant here? Deepika worries. DC says I appreciate you confessed it but it was wrong to steal, so as a doctor I will help you but as a senior I will ensure my patient’s safety so I want your reports before you start working and you have to go through procedures. DC also gives a warning about cancelling his licence if he starts using again. DC and Vikrant go out and DC welcomes Vikrant to the hospital. DC asks Deepika to come inside. Deepika goes. Here, Sia comes to locker room and shows her sexy side to Ansari and behaves flirty. Later in ER also Ansari behaves nicely with Sia seeing which Peroz asks how did this happen? Sia says I just talked nicely.

Here, DC scolds Deepika for hiding facts to save Vikrant. Deepika apologies. Abhay looks from window. DC says did you forget what happened at your last work place? You have disappointed me, I never thought I would have to give you speech on FMS. DC gives warning to Deepika as well. Abhay feels sad. Deepika is in cabin sad when Abhay comes and says see how you ended up in trouble just because of Vikrant and you are letting him use you. Deepika asks him to go but Abhay goes on. Deepika scolds Abhay to get out. Abhay goes and faces Vikrant. Vikrant comes inside and tries to talk to Deepika if she is okay. Deepika is silent. Deepika says what did you tell DC? Vikrant says just that you helped me in detox. Vikrant says oh should I talk to him again? Deepika says I should have told DC earlier it’s my problem. Deepika asks why are you joining hospital so early? Vikrant says I was feeling better so thought and didn’t want to be idle for much. Vikrant says I am going to ER. Vikrant thanks her again and goes.

In ER floor Ali and everyone welcomes Vikrant. Ali goes and they get an urgent patient. Vikrant and team start their tests. Deepika briefs about medication to Mala’s parents, they say that psychiatrist confirmed bi polar disorder. Deepika says oh and he might have briefed you about the procedure. They say yes. Deepika gives pep talk to Mala and she feels better.

Sia tells Ali how his trick is working. Ali says great, you are my favourite residents. Peroz sees this and wonders what is going on. Peroz goes to Sia and asks what’s going on? Sia says I am just exploring as now I am single. Peroz says explore as in? Sia says nothing so serious chill. Peroz finds something fishy. Deepika is worried and finally goes to DC and apologies and says I just thought to help him. DC says I am seeing the same Deepika who is head over heels for Vikrant. Deepika says no, but she goes into thinking.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepika and Vikrant have some close encounters in her home. Vikrant picks Deepika’s phone when Abhay calls and says Deepika come down, I have tell you something about Vikrant. Vikrant comes down and warns Abhay not to come near Deepika.

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Dhadkan 12th January 2022 Written Update: Vikrant and Deepika spend some good time together!