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Episode begins with Deepika asking the patient to relax, she will also be there with Abhay to assist him. He asks Abhay is he nervous. Abhay says no way, its my life’s first solo surgery, patient isn’t nervous. Deepika says one gets satisfaction in pulling off a difficult surgery. Abhay says its our work to save a life. Sia, Ansari and Peroz watch the surgery from far. They have a talk. Peroz and Ansari have a bet on Abhay. Ansari tells that Abhay is choosing the simple way. Peroz says both the options are safe. Abhay and Deepika argue about the better option. Abhay says I m the lead surgeon, final decision is mine. The patient asks the cost of the expenses. Deepika says both the treatments are right. The patient goes with Abhay’s option.

Peroz and Ansari argue. Ansari says you are a cheat, I will never give money to Peroz. Doctor says we should applaud the surgeon for the success of his first solo surgery. Deepika and everyone clap for Abhay. Ansari says I want your help for a VIP patient, he is close to Chakravorty. Deepika says call him to the examine room. Abhay and Sia have a talk. She asks why didn’t you choose the other option, it was better. Abhay says don’t take Deepika’s side, I took the right choice. Deepika checks the patient. He says its a minor cut, we will take care of you. Chakravorty comes and checks the man. He says just admit him, I have to keep him under observation. He gives the medical records. Deepika says I don’t need Ansari in this case, go to OT, thanks. The patient praises Deepika.

The lady complains about her husband’s drinking habit. Abhay checks the patient. Sia says there is no pill to stop the addiction, just control himself. The lady asks does this daily disputes and fights look good. Sia asks does he beat you. The man says she beats me, I didn’t touch wine till now, I feel I drank it, I feel a hangover. The lady says he was drunk.

Abhay says Rani ji, let him speak. Sia says he is lying. She asks Rani does he beat her. Rani says no. Abhay says we are doctors, calm down. Deepika sees them arguing. Abhay says ladies can’t raise hand on their husbands, its also domestic violence, I m right, you don’t understand this, because you are jealous. Sia says I was on you all night on the video call, you said you don’t want a complicated surgery, you are lying to me here, you forgot the facts, you have a God complex just after a solo surgery. Deepika recalls Vikrant. She argues with him. He says I have more experience than you, I know more. She says its God complex, you think just you are right. FB ends. Deepika sees Abhay.

Chakravorty says Shukantu da was my mentor. He introduces Deepika, his best student. Shukantu praises his student Chakravorty. He asks are you that type of egoistic surgeon. She says no. He says I was like that, idealistic surgeon with a God complex, Karma spares no one, go now, let me sleep. They leave. Abhay asks Nirmal to speak to him. Nirmal says I swear on my kid, I never drink. Abhay says I trust you, is there any change in food or medicine. Nirmal says I m taking antibiotic for my hand injury, I was locked in the lift for 3-4 hours, I fainted down, some people brought me home, they thought I m drunk. Abhay asks when did you had food. Nirmal says in the afternoon. Abhay says I think I understood your problem, I will do some tests, I will tell you when I confirm it.

Ansari comes and says I m free, I can help you. Deepika says I don’t want help. Abhay comes to Deepika and says I got the reports of Nirmal. He argues with Sia. He shows the reports to Deepika. She says you are right. He says I know, I had admitted Nirmal already. She says I see, I want your help in any VIP case, take this challenge case and see if Abhay’s diagnosis is right, I want Abhay’s competence in VIP case. She gives the reports to Abhay and goes.

Ansari sees the other reports and says I told Abhay, he shouldn’t argue with women. Deepika says Shukantu da, I got Abhay here, he is the best junior resident, he did his first solo surgery, I m sure you both will bond well. Shukantu says I m Pranab’s imp person, I hope you will give me the best team. Abhay asks Shukantu to fill the questionaire he had prepared. Sia comes and says I hate Abhay. Peroz asks when did this happen. She says he argued with me, be on my side. He says you both fight and hate each other, then you say you love each other. She says no, he is wrong. Ansari comes. He asks how is the VIP case going on. She asks him to ask Abhay. Peroz says Abhay performed the best, just wait and watch.

Ansari says we will bet again, Sia will give the judgement. Peroz says she is angry, she will get biased. She says no, I will make the fair judgement. Abhay talks to Shukantu. Shukantu says I think your diagnosis is wrong, I feel dizzy when I work for some time, why. Abhay says old age. Shukantu says you just overlook my age. Abhay says diabetes and your age are the reasons. Shukantu says you can’t ignore my health by calling me old, get the right diagnosis right, else I will ask Deepika to get a better doctor. Abhay says I will run some tests. Abhay goes.

Chakravorty asks about Shukantu da. Deepika says he is stable. He tells about the emergency dept proposal. He says everyone were in favor, Jamshed came with some numbers, the hospital can’t afford the upgrade so soon. She says we have mentioned low costs, I will remove the costs and prepare another proposal. He says we didn’t think of the cost of manpower, it becomes a big amount, Jamshed said we can’t afford more doctors, sorry, maybe next year. She goes to her room and shouts.

Rani says Nirmal is an alcoholic. Ansari says you feel drunk because of the bacteria in the stomach, feed him the medicines for 14 days and get him back, you will get fine. Rani holds Nirmal’s hand and says sorry, I didn’t trust you. He says its okay. Abhay goes to Shukantu and says I have to wait for Deepika and then decide the tests. Shukantu asks when did you plan the marriage, you are GF and BF, I used to tell my wife that I will go on world tour and take her to show everything, I couldn’t take her because of work load, I had renal failure, make me fine, I have to take my wife to Agra.

Abhay says I promise, I won’t rest. Sia asks promise. Abhay says yes, I promise. Shukantu says excellent choice, Abhay promised me that he will cure me. Deepika says doctors shouldn’t promise, but he is on success path, he will find a solution. Abhay says his pancreas have a tumor. Deepika says it doesn’t need a surgery, investigate other reasons for his weakness, he is our VIP patient, call me if you find some other theory.

Abhay says Deepika doesn’t want to trust me. Sia says Deepika knows the correct diagnosis, she is just testing you, you didn’t consider the alternates. He asks what do you mean. She says muscle weakness can be the reason, you have the pressure to prove yourself the best. She goes. Jamshed sees Deepika. He says that was a good presentation, ideas were really good, I was impressed, but I had to cancel it, you have passion and vision, I will keep an eye on you. He goes.

She says he doesn’t like Chakravorty and me, so he rejected the proposal. Abhay sees Shukantu sleeping. Ansari sees him and goes to wake up Peroz. Peroz says I m going to win this bet. Ansari says we will increase the bet amount. Abhay says you have weak muscles, it has no cure, your situation will spoil with time, sorry, you can’t go to see Taj mahal with your wife, really sorry, I couldn’t keep my promise. Shukantu says my wife passed away three months back, life did this with me. Abhay asks why did you hide the truth. Shukantu says I m a doctor, Chakravorty is my student, I know my disease, Deepika is smart, she removed my old reports from the file, she knew it.

Abhay asks why did she want me to diagnose you. Shukantu says Chakravorty admitted me for a day, I told Deepika that I used to think I m a God as a surgeon, its God complex, Deepika thinks you will become the same, she wanted to give you a lesson, you are a doctor, not a God, you accept this helplessness, humility young man, this is the lesson she wanted you to learn, I just helped her. Abhay gets angry and goes. Ansari follows him. Abhay goes to Deepika. Ansari says he will get scolding today. Abhay says sorry, I misbehaved all day, really sorry. Deepika says louder.

Abhay says sorry. She laughs. Peroz says I won, give me the money. Ansari says I will give you. Deepika says I m happy you realized that your ego can stop your growth. Abhay says I have to thank Sia, I was on a high since two days, I thought I can handle everything well, Sia said about Shukantu’s disease, she was right, I was wrong in my thinking. Deepika thanks him. He asks why. He smiles and leaves. She calls Chakravorty and says I have an idea to get the emergency room proposal pass.

Episode ends.

Deepika says sometimes we have to rebel to bring a change. Abhay says I want to become a part of this rebel.

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