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Episode begins with Deepika facing a complexity in Aditi’s case. Deepika tries her level best but they lose Aditi. Here, PC appreciates the residents for doing so well in such a complex situation. Divya says we lost so many of them how is that a good thing? Esha tries to calm her.

Here, Vikrant does Sapna’s operation successfully and informs Pari about the same. Pari praises Vikrant. Vikrant is happy and gets memories of Aditi. Ansari and Sia treat a patient who attempted suicide because her husband cheated her with her ex gf. Ansari and Sia go aside where Ansari tells Sia see how cheating and ex ruins things for them, it hurts, I was just concerned for us and our relationship, that’s why. Sia gets into thinking.

Suman calls Vikrant and asks him to get information about Aditi. Vikrant goes and finds from Deepika that they lost Aditi. Suman says I told you not to give her responsibility and let her operate Deepika. Deepika says we tried our best. Vikrant gets all the flashes from his moments with Deepika. Suman asks Vikrant why did Aditi left the house.

Vikrant asks Deepika to tell the process from start to end. Deepika explains the whole process from start to end. Vikrant says you killed Aditi. Rest of the staff who were in OT state how Deepika tried to do her best to save Aditi. Here, Abhay comes to Madhvi. Madhvi says I am sitting here and couldn’t help you. Abhay says it’s okay, how are you? Madhvi says I am better but you don’t look well. Abhay says Aditi was also a patient in the accident and Deepika took the operation responsibility and we lost her. Madhvi says Deepika did wrong, now her career will be in question. Abhay also gets tensed.

Vikrant makes Deepika repeat the whole process again and again and calls her a murderer of Aditi. Vikrant says doctors want to save the patient so they try their best but why will you try to save Aditi when she hated you, you must be happy. Deepika says I tried my level best, she might have hated me but I didn’t. Vikrant keeps on blaming her. Deepika runs being emotional. She cries sitting in a corner saying I tried my level best.

Abhay is talking to Madhvi when her husband comes so Madhvi asks Abhay to go to Deepika but Abhay doesn’t go. Seeing her husband getting angry, Madhvi sends Abhay away. Here, Mira tells Esha how her parents are meeting Peroz and then she will shift here. Esha tries to brainwash Mira and convince her not to shift here instead take Peroz there. Mira says maybe Peroz won’t like it but Esha says to try. Vikrant cries while Aditi’s body us taken. PC consoles her. Vikrant remembers all the last moments. Later, Ansari and Sia open their hospital and have a conflict on having plastic surgery cases. Ansari says we can’t have this. Sia says this is our dream, even I sold my ornaments for this. Ansari says stop this, you betrayed me in front of the management that day.

Episode ends.

Precap – Deepika comes to Aditi’s last rites. Vikrant breaks down infront of Deepika.

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Dhadkan 14th February 2022 Written Update: Aditi is in an accident!