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Episode begins with nurse saying you all have to attend the training sessions, Abhay is selected for the session today, he did a lot for the emergency room. Ansari says yes, but I m not pleasing Deepika. Abhay asks him not to be jealous. They go. Sia says its obvious. Abhay says no, its in december. They both argue and ask Peroz to agree. Peroz says decide any date and celebrate the anniversary. He listens to them. He says we will decide when we know when did you kiss first. They ask him to shut up. Sia says its our anniversary today, dinner at 8pm at my fav restaurant. Abhay says of course, I remember. She says great, I have taken the half day permission, if you forget it, then we will celebrate break up anniversary next year, dress up and come, get me some flowers. She goes. Abhay asks what’s her fav restaurant. Peroz says her dad’s restaurant is her fav, you have a Gf, I don’t have. Abhay says yes, if she didn’t introduce me to her dad asher BF then I would have not thought of this relation.

Deepika goes to her cabin. She calls her mum. Deepika asks how are you, and everyone. Her dad asks her not to call again, they don’t want to talk to her. She says I feel good to hear your voice. She asks why did you call. She says I had called to share the good news, seniors are thinking to make me the head of the emergency dept in the hospital. He says you called to freshen our wounds, I thought you will regret your deeds, but no, your job’s success isn’t a good news for me, the day when you leave work for us will be a happy day for us, call us that day, you left us for work, we will not answer call again. He ends call. She gets sad. She recalls her engagement with Vikrant.

She goes to see her patient Aman. Aman sings. She asks him to decide if he has a pain in heart or throat. He says you will cry if I tell my story. She says you should write a book on the ways of flirting. Abhay comes and asks Aman not to comment such. Aman jokes on his serious behavior. Abhay shows the reports. Aman asks how much time do I have. Deepika tells him about the reports. Aman says I m a professional singer, I take care of my throat, don’t know why its paining when I sing. She says you have to talk less and stop singing. He says I didn’t sing for six months, I started singing last month and this pain started, its increasing. She says we will do some tests and then see, take rest, I will come and meet after the results come. He says my heart will wait for you. She goes.

Jamshed talks to Chakravorty. He says Deepika can’t be the ER head, she isn’t qualifying. Chakravorty says wrong, she is DNB in emergency medicine. Jamshed says I won’t let her become the head, I m the CEO, its my family money to upgrade the ER, I will do what I want. Chakravorty says you wanted Deepika to leave the job, you propose your candidate, I will propose mine, we will see what the managing committee decides. Jamshed says I decided it, I won’t let her become the ER head, I will find such a candidate that the committee can’t refuse. The guys get some patient. Sia asks what happened. The guys ask Ansari to see the patient. Ansari asks what happened to him. He says he is my neighbor. The guy says he is in tension, Jasmin ditched him. Ansari asks Sia to come wth him. The guy says I have to die, my heart is broken. Sia asks him to let down and be quiet. Ansari says you might have got a heart attack, don’t devdas later. He pacifies the guy Gulab. He says you become strong now, give yourself some time.

Jamshed says you know I have worked hard and invested money in upgrading the emergency dept, you all have to upgrade your skills, we are starting these workshops, you will be learning from the skilled doctors, welcome Dr. Saxena. Deepika sees Vikrant and gets shocked. Vikrant says thanks for inviting me in this conference, one is lucky to become a trauma surgeon, they are expected to save the patient’s life, its our duty to do this miracle, I tell my patients that I m not Lord, but his hope, its not God complex, but just my confidence, we will start with the discussion points. He asks Deepika what does she want to ask. Jamshed asks her to ask the first question. Deepika leaves. Abhay and Jamshed look on.

Deepika recalls her engagement with Vikrant. Her mum cries. He says I promise, I will keep your daughter very happy. Abhay asks her to be careful, is she fine. She says you should be in conference room. He says you should be there. She says I was going to Aman, get his reports, I will meet you there. She goes. Jamshed checks Deepika and Vikrant’s pic. He smiles. Sia says it wasn’t a heart attack. Ansari says I think its stress, he is heartbroken. He says I will give him medicines, he will get fine. Gulab says I want to die, I didn’t get Jasmin’s love. Ansari asks do you remember Dimple. Gulab asks who. Ansari says she was simple, she looked nice, I was a ward boy here, I earned and studied medical, I dreamed to live with her, but then she went away, my dream broke, she used to work in a parlour, she got a role in a serial, she left the locality. Gulab asks how did you live without her. Ansari says I learnt to live with love, one is strong when someone lives for someone’s love, I will always love her, don’t die, respect your love and live. The guys praise him. Gulab says I will live now. Ansari says great.

Deepika goes to Aman. He says you look serious, what’s in the reports? Cancer? Abhay gets the reports. Deepika checks and gets sad. She says the tumor is cancerous, I m really sorry. He asks what will you do now. She cries. Abhay says tumors have spread a lot, we have to remove the larynx. Aman asks what’s larynx, what difference does it make. Abhay says its the voice box in the throat. Aman asks can’t I sing. Abhay says if we remove the larynx, then you can never sing and can never talk. Aman gets sad.

Abhay says I think we should leave Aman alone. Deepika says okay. Aman cries. He says those who understand music, hear the sound of silence, you didn’t tell me much, but I heard it, you should cry and lighten your heart, not for me, but for your feelings. Deepika goes. Abhay consoles Aman. He says I m very sorry Aman ji. He goes.

Sia says that Gyaan was nonsense, unconditional love is not in real life. Ansari says most of the people don’t understand it. Sia says single people use these terms to stay happy, relation is for two people who love each other, like Abhay and me. He laughs. She says its Abhay and my date, its our 7th anniversary. He says congrats and leaves. Abhay comes to Deepika. She says Aman’s dream broke, you know the value of dreams, he had worked hard and sacrificed for his dreams, it hurts when people don’t trust your dreams, why does this happen that Lord snatches every happiness when you are close to fulfill the dreams. He asks are you talking of Aman or yours. She cries. He hugs her to console.

Vikrant comes to meet Jamshed. He says I didn’t know you are in Mumbai, else I would have requested you to come to workshop personally. Vikrant says I was busy all day, I m here just for a day, why did you call me here. Vikrant says sorry to trouble you at this time, I have a proposal for you. Sia waits for Abhay at the restaurant. Abhay says I don’t know which dream was snatched from you, I know that this emergency dept is getting built here, its your dream, you made it come true. Deepika says help me now. Aman sings sadly. Ansari hugs his friend and discharges him. Abhay and Deepika have coffee and laugh. Peroz sees them. He sees the time. Sia waits for Abhay. She cries and comes to the hospital.

She comes to Abhay. She says you promised me and then forgot, how. Abhay says I was stuck in an emergency surgery, I forgot to inform you, so sorry, forgive me once, you look so sweet, we will go now for dinner, give me 10 mins, I will change and come. She says let it be, my mood and hunger are dead. He says I will make your mood, please, really sorry. She says just 10 mins, I will go if you get late. She goes. Peroz asks why did you lie to Sia, which emergency surgery, you were chilling with Deepika, I have seen you, what happened to you, you never lie to Sia. Abhay leaves.

Vikrant says thanks for the offer, but I m happy in Delhi, life is comfortable there. Jamshed says I m ready to take care of your comfort, quote the salary yourself. Vikrant says don’t take me wrong, I don’t want to shift from Delhi, sorry I can’t accept the offer, I will remember it, thanks, I shall leave. Jamshed says at least see the emergency dept once, give us the feedback, I will take you there, I will make a call and come. Vikrant says sure. Deepika passes by. Jamshed calls and says send Deepika to the emergency dept quickly. Deepika keeps her phone in the bag. She goes to change. Her phone rings. Jamshed shows the emergency dept. He waits for Deepika. Vikrant says this is great, it will help a lot, congrats, all the best. Deepika is leaving. Vikrant says I should leave, I have to go for dinner with someone, we will stay in touch. He goes. Jamshed says where did Deepika go. Vikrant and Deepika leave. He sees Deepika and stops. Na aaye ho….plays… She drives off her jeep.

Episode ends.

Vikrant comes to meet Deepika. Deepika argues with Chakravorty. He says if he wins in voting, then he will be your boss, you have to report to him.

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