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Episode begins with Vikrant begging Deepika to stay with him as he knows she loves him. Deepika just looks on. Vikrant cries and asks her to say something. Deepika makes Vikrant sit on a bed as he is anxious. Namrata and Deepika make Vikrant lie down. Namrata and Deepika ask Vikrant to rest and go out. Namrata asks Deepika if her sleep is complete? Deepika says yes. Deepika goes to ER. Deepika treats Geet while Deep explains the accident how he is guilty. Deepik seems weak while Peroz asks if she is well, Deepika says yes. Deepika and Peroz discuss the case after seeing the reports. Deepika thinks we need to save Geet or else Deep will have guilt. Deepika and Peroz prepare for the surgery when Deepika vomits while everyone worries. Deepika says I am okay lets save Geet.

Deepika does the surgery. She feels dizzy. She finishes the surgery somehow. She recalls Deep’s words. Deep asks her about Geet. Peroz asks her to listen. She says yes, Geet is fine now, she will be in ICU until recovery, don’t worry. Deep thanks her. Peroz says come and meet Geet. Aftab meets his wife Salma. She scolds him. She says I want your betterment, you don’t know when help becomes helplessness. Aftab says let me be on my own, you always control me. Isha is with Peroz. She says I have studied this surgery well. Peroz says its rare surgery, I will assist it. Chakravorty asks what is it. They tell about Parul’s case. Chakravorty asks what can be the solution, whoever gets it will assist me in the surgery. They say sure and rush. He asks them to behave themselves, they are surgeons.

Ansari goes to Sia and says I did everything for our good specially yours. Sia says for me how? You made me your punching, but you tried to disrespect me and change everything about me. Sia cries and says I have always considered about what you thought you will consider good of me but it was all your selfish motives. I made your dream my world, all for you, I lost my identity trying to do things for you. Ansari says sorry, I made a mistake, forgive me if possible. He leaves. She cries.

Deepika comes to Vikrant and tells him that whatever happens to them is because they need to learn something from life, same happened with us, whatever there was between us is over. Deepika says please I will help you as a friend but nothing else. Deepika goes. Vikrant feels anxious. Peroz comes to Isha. He gets Meera’s call. He doesn’t answer. They study to find a solution. She jokes on his small bladder. He says I will wear an adult diaper if needed. He finds a solution. She asks him to show. He says no and goes. She also finds some solution. They go to Chakravorty and tell their ideas. Isha impresses him. Chakravorty says well tried Peroz, but Isha will assist me in this surgery. Peroz goes.

Meera calls him. He answers. He says I was competing with Isha for a cardiac surgery. She says I m sure you will get many surgeries, I want to see you, you are distracted by Isha. He asks what. She says nothing. He talks of Isha and says she is so competitive.

Deepika comes to Nikhil. Nikhil finds Deepika stressed. She says I just froze in the surgery. He asks her to sit. She says I think I saved her. He says I m sure, you need water. She says I will get it. She faints. He holds her. He shouts for help. Vikrant comes and asks what happened. Nikhil says she collapsed. Vikrant lifts her and takes her. Nikhil calls Chakravorty. He says Deepika just collapsed, she is under Vikrant’s care, she didn’t sleep since 72 hours and didn’t eat since 24 hours, I m not sure, just look into it. Chakravorty says yes, I m on it. He rushes. Vikrant checks Deepika. Chakravorty comes and says step back, let me check her, nothing will happen to her. Vikrant says nothing can happen to her, I won’t move. Chakravorty says I have to attend her, go out. He asks Ansari to take Vikrant out. Ansari asks Vikrant to please come.

Chakroborty checks him while Sia assists them. Nikhil worries for Deepika while nurses stop him from going. Vikrant worries for Deepika and says how Deepika hasn’t slept in 3 days. He sees Chakroborty telling updates about Deepika to Nikhil. He asks Sia about Deepika. Sia informs them about dehydration. Vikrant worries while Sia pacifies him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Jamshed complains Chakroborty about Deepika. Chakroborty defends Deepika.

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