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Episode begins with Deepika hearing the nurses talking about marriage. Abhay comes and gets coffee for Deepika. Deepika says I hate it. He asks what, is it so strong. He says I was going to say the same. She says girls are not useless, I can’t believe that educated mothers are doing such discrimination in boys and girls. He looks at her. She goes. Chakravorty talks to Vikrant and Deepika. He says I asked Vikrant to share the load. She says I will manage. He says we should take Vikrant’s help, I know you can handle. She says okay. Vikrant says I have to talk something imp, its better to talk in front of her, there is a countrywide conference, we also got an invite, Deepika should go for it, the ER got upgraded because of it, I think she should share her experience and knowledge with everyone. Chakravorty agrees. She smiles. Vikrant says thanks and goes.

She says I didn’t expect this from you. He says I also didn’t expect this. She thanks him. He says if I didn’t try to snatch your dream, then you would have not become this Deepika, the woman I admire, the surgeon I respect. She asks do you mean this. He says I was wrong, its not easy for me to accept it, but I m doing it. Madhvi asks them to handle Nalini’s case. Deepika checks.

Abhay types a message for Deepika… I think I m falling in love with you. He deletes the message. He types it again. He sees Sia and his pics. He says don’t do this, I m with Sia, remember this. He sees the message sent. He worries. Sia is sad. Peroz comes to her. He asks why so sad. She says I m preparing Manav and Tanya’s death certificates. He says I get it, its sad. She says Manav had a regret that he didn’t marry Tanya. He asks why is this affecting you. She says Abhay and I are ambitious, but putting marriage plan backside, is it right or wrong. He says go and talk to Abhay. She says its pointless, I m going to propose marriage to Abhay. Ansari looks on. She says I have to surprise Abhay today.

Preeto comes and reminds her case. She asks can I undergo liposuction again. Sia asks why. Preeto says I want to make myself feel good. Ansari says you like this answer, right. Sia says tell me the real reason. Preeto says my husband didn’t touch me till now, I think he doesn’t like me. Ansari jokes.

Deepika and Vikrant come to meet Nalini. They check the case. The man says she has cancer, Dr. Khanna said he will remove the tumour by surgery, she will get fine. Vikrant says we have to do the surgery and find out if we can remove the tumour completely. The man asks what if the tumour isn’t removed. Deepika says cancer can spread, we can try chemotherapy. The man asks will she get fine. Deepika says we can’t guarantee it. Nalini says my sister also had sister, chemo is painful, I had seen her, she was just 40, I m 60, she got fine, I have seen my grandchildren, I don’t want to hurt my body for some more life. The man Vineet says I want to spend some more time with you. He asks them the risk. Vikrant says there is much risk because of her age, you can talk to your children. Vineet says no, I don’t have kids, I m not her husband, but a friend.

Abhay comes to Peroz and asks where were you. The lady tells about her son. The boy says those people will kill me. The lady says he never falls sick, he is saying that he hears strange voices. Abhay asks what’s your name. The boy says Hriday. He asks the boy about the voices. The lady says he has pain in head and body. Abhay says we have to do some tests, wait outside, we will call you. They go out. Abhay sees the phone left.

Nalini says my husband is bedridden, my children are settled abroad, Vineet and I are old friends, he has taken care of me well. Vineet says you have been there for me always. Deepika says there is much life in you, take time, discuss and then tell us. Peroz asks shall we consult Deepika. Abhay says no. Peroz says sorry. Abhay asks Peroz to give his phone to make a call. Peroz hears his audio message. He asks what’s up. Ansari asks did your husband say that he has no interest in it. Preeto says he didn’t say. Ansari says you don’t think so, its an arranged marriage, maybe your husband wants to know you first. Preeto says I didn’t think so. Sia says its difficult to understand men, try to find out what your husband is thinking, all the best. Preeto thanks them and goes. Ansari says Abhay is also a man. Sia asks what are you trying to say, sorry. He asks did Abhay say that he wants to marry you. She says he never talks of it, you won’t understand, so let it be.

He asks why, he never talks, he should talk. She says I don’t need your expert comment. She goes. He says she got hurt. Peroz asks feelings for who. Abhay says nothing, its a prank. Peroz says I got it, Shanu, right. Abhay asks who. Peroz says she is in ICU, she was asking about Sia and your breakup, she had a crush on you, Sia took the lead so you agreed, you can’t refuse to any girl, tell Shanu that you are with Sia. Abhay says there is no one in scene. Peroz says liar. Abhay says its none of your business, you got the voicemail by mistake, don’t irritate me.

Deepika and Vikrant see Vineet and Nalini. Vikrant says they don’t look like friends, they love each other, maybe she got married before meeting Vineet, they still care for each other, they are together, married couples also don’t have such a relation. She asks are you happy. He says I got married two weeks after our breakup, to show you that I can move on, the reason was wrong, how can the marriage get right. Vineet comes. He says Nalini agreed for the surgery. Deepika says we have to do some tests. The lady says Hriday is getting unwell. Hriday cries. Peroz says I took psychiatrist appointment, come. Abhay says I have to take him for MRI, it can be neurological issue, it can be a tumour. They argue. Abhay says we should check it. Peroz says we should not waste money on MRI. She asks them not to argue and call a senior doctor. Abhay says we are trying to find out what happened to Hriday, I know whom to call. Vikrant and Deepika go to Nalini. He says you are good to go for tests, we will try our best, risk is more. She says I m ready to take the risk, Vineet went to inform my family about the tumour. He gets a call and goes. Deepika says nurses will prepare you for surgery, you can ask me anything. Nalini says promise me, you have to do anything to keep me alive for long, I want to live. She says you said you have lived your life, why this change. Nalini says I was selfish and thought of myself, Vineet never married, just I m with him, if I go, then he will fall alone, so I want to live, when I met him, I was married, but it wasn’t going well, he helped me, his love made my life beautiful. Deepika says you also love him, right. Nalini says yes, we love each other. Vikrant comes. Nalini says love isn’t to belong each other, Vineet and I love each other since 40 years, we never think our life isn’t complete if we didn’t marry. Mahadik checks Hriday. He says I want to talk to Hriday in private. He sends Abhay and Peroz also. They leave. Mahadik asks him to say what drugs is he taking. Hriday says I m not a drug addict. Abhay and Peroz argue. Peroz says tell the truth to Sia, will you tell her, or shall I say.

Sia scolds Ansari. He smiles and asks are you telling this to me or yourself, why do you want to prove me wrong, you are worried that I m right. She says no, I will propose Abhay right here, when he says yes, then you have to admit that you are wrong. She goes. Hriday says I never had drugs, cigarette and alcohol. Mahadik says you don’t accept your mistakes, you are a drug addict, I will talk to your mum and make her admit you in the rehab centre. Hriday says I was lying, I have no disease. Mahadik asks Abhay, Peroz and Rashmi to come inside. He says he was lying, he is fine, he admitted that he was faking an illness, I understood that he is lying, I can understand this by experience. Rashmi asks why is he lying. Hriday says you and dad wanted to send me to boarding. She scolds him. She says sorry doctor for wasting your time. She takes Hriday with her. Mahadik says patient lies, its not easy to detect it, young doctor will do tests, but this can be known by an experienced doctor. Abhay thanks him.

Peroz says see what happens when you lie, trust breaks, Sia loves you, she is going to propose you for marriage, she wanted to surprise you, tell the truth if you have feelings for someone else, come clean. Deepika sees Vikrant. She asks all okay. He says yes. She says you can talk to me if you want. He says Aditi, my wife, no, I don’t want to burden you, it was my decision. She says my shoulders look small, but strong, you can share the burden. He says your jokes quality is still poor, I missed your jokes.

He says I wish I could end the bitter past between us and start everything afresh with friendship. She says we have to keep Nalini and Vineet’s friendship alive. She goes. Abhay says Sia will be hurt, what’s the use to tell her, how will it help anyone else, I m not planning breakup. Peroz says you can plan it tomorrow, what would you do, will you dump Sia, you lied to her. Abhay says it was just a private thought, I didn’t think of sharing it with anyone, I have darkness, fear and insecurities, I don’t share it with Sia, she is full of joy and brightness, I don’t want to ruin her joy, I block my thoughts, it doesn’t even matter. Peroz says you are giving explanation to cover up, Sia has a right to know, she loves you, you also got committed to her, I will tell her the truth. Vikrant and Deepika operate Nalini. Sia gets ready. Ansari asks will Abhay yes to Sia or not. Prince says it will be yes. Meena says Sia is brave. Prince says even my wife proposed me. Ansari says lets bet, he will not say yes. Peroz asks how do you know this. Ansari says I think Abhay will say no, bet on it. Peroz says you are not a human. He goes. Abhay says stop. Peroz says shift over, time is up. He goes to Sia and says you can’t propose Abhay. She asks why. Abhay says he didn’t know that I m planning to propose you. She asks what.

Episode ends.

Abhay talks to Sia’s dad. Vikrant talks to the patient’s husband. Vikrant says marriage is a wound, maybe a child heals the wound. Deepika disagrees.

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Dhadkan 24th December 2021 Written Update: Deepika’s birthday is celebrated!