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Episode begins with Deepika telling Aditi that she is doing wrong by manipulating a young girl for her selfish motives. Aditi says you are also doing what you need to. Deepika says surgery is a proven way to cure something but Aditi’s method has no documented proof till date. Deepika says I am the attending incharge for this case so I am taking her for surgery. Aditi says I won’t let you. Abhay brings Vikrant and says we can take her opinion as he is our senior. Vikrant says let’s go to my cabin. They both go with him.

Here, Ansari talks to a nurse about how he will bring in change. Sia comes and says I was waiting for you for coffee remember. Ansari says sorry I forgot, I got something more important than coffee. Nurse goes. Ansari says I talked to few officials about ground water contamination. Sia says that’s great. Ansari says I will take strong action to set things right. Sia says good going, so let’s go have lunch and get a break from this mess. Ansari says my life is full of of these mess, I am from a slum, that’s my life. Ansari says don’t wear this perfume, this is the same one you wore when Geeta maasi died. Ansari goes while Sia worries for Ansari.

Here, Vikrant reviews both therapies and says Deepika’s procedure is right. Deepika asks Abhay to inform Ananya and prepare Madhu for operation. Abhay goes. Deepika is about to go when Aditi says how do you do this Deepika always, taking everything in your control. Aditi says you gave up on everything for this power and for becoming surgeon, now you are god so even a big surgeon like Vikrant is supporting you, you wanted this only right? Then why you want my life again? Why? Vikrant tries to stop Aditi but Aditi says I want answers from Deepika. Deepika says I am not god but god has choosen me to save his creation so I am proud to do it and I am happy with whatever I have sacrificed. Deepika says I want to save Madhu so that she can be there for her daughter and live her life more. Deepika goes. Vikrant says Aditi you did very bad, you brought personal things today. Aditi says you chose Deepika over me showing you support your mistress over misses. Vikrant says mistress, just imagine what you are saying for a woman, Deepika is a amazing woman and you can’t use these kind of words for her. Aditi says I am hurt. Vikrant says I am also hurt due to my karma all this is happening. Vikrant says never ever speak like this to Deepika this is my warning or else I will show you my other side too. Vikrant goes while Aditi cries.

Deepika takes Madhu for surgery. Here, Peroz hypothetically asks a nurse how she would feel if he was marrying her. Nurse says I would blush and be very happy. Nurse goes happily while Peroz tries to stop her. Esha comes to Peroz and says wow you proposed so nicely. Peroz says stay out of it. Esha laughs and goes. Here, Aditi comes home and cries. Suman says this is why I didn’t want you to go to that hospital. Aditi says I joined to set boundaries for Vikrant, I won’t give him so much freedom now.

Here, Deepika’s surgery goes well and she informs to Ananya too. Vikrant sees her and follows her to the cabin. Vikrant tries to apologies on Aditi’s behalf. Deepika says stop, I don’t want you to keep explaining us both, I understand. Vikrant goes and they share a eye lock. Later, Aditi is explaining how Deepika complaint to Vikrant in hospital. Just then Vikrant comes and goes to room angrily. Suman asks Aditi to go to room and bring him for dinner. Aditi goes inside and finds Vikrant packing his stuff. Aditi says where are you going? To that Deepika? Then how was I wrong? Vikrant says Deepika has no fault, it’s my fault, so I will go you stay here calmly. Aditi says we are husband and wife we will stay together. Vikrant says it’s over between us so accept it soon. Aditi says I won’t let anything end. Vikrant says it already has, I want to be with Deepika. Here, Deepika is stressed so Abhay comes and asks her to go home and rest for the night. Deepika gets convinced and goes.

Aditi says what’s the garantee you won’t leave Deepika? Vikrant says I know I won’t. Aditi says you already have me, value me. Vikrant says I can’t sorry. Vikrant gets a call from Deepika and he leaves saying I am reaching in 15 minutes. Suman also tries to stop him but he goes. Aditi says from her one call he left. Aditi cries hugging Suman. Here, shivi is a kid in serious condition so Deepika and Vikrant treat her. Ansari and Sia meet in corridor and decide to come to mid path to co exist. Ansari says recognise my lifestyle and I can accept yours. Sia says yes. Abhay listens to all this and feels sad. Here, Deepika and Vikrant do the surgery successfully. Deepika says sorry, I didn’t want you to think I am using this surgery to call you, I couldn’t have done this alone. Vikrant says you don’t need to say sorry, you did what’s best for the patient. Here, nurse come to Peroz and shares her future plan with him so Peroz clarifies to her that he didn’t propose her really. Nurse gets angry and goes. Esha watches this and laughs.

Ansari meets factory owner, Kukreja. Ansari says he needs immediate action, Kukreja says my business is not doing well I can give compensation of 5 lakhs only you decide if you want. Kukreja goes. Ansari goes out to see, Sia meeting Kukerja like she knows her. Kukreja is Sia’s dad’s friend. Seeing Sia talk so nicely to him makes Ansari get angry. Here, Peroz tells Esha how because to prove her about relationships he did this blunder. Esha tells Peroz it’s okay and she will help him. Ansari comes to Sia and acts angrily. Sia asks what happened? Ansari says that Kukreja is your dad’s friend, he is the factory owner who did this to our slum. Sia gets shocked. Ansari says I hate you all rich people. Abhay watches all this. Ansari leaves. Abhay comes to Sia to ask if she is okay. Sia leaves. Abhay is shocked.

Here, Deepika talks to Shivi’s parents and they say we want surety. Vikrant says you guys need to trust the doctor as she is trying her level best. Deepika goes inside and talks to Vikrant to calm down as parents are concerned for the kid. Here, Aditi is unable to sleep and imagines Deepika and Vikrant having close moment.

Episode ends.

Precap – Suman comes to hospital and publically humiliates Deepika. Abhay watches all this and warns Vikrant to set things right or he will not leave him.

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