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Episode begins with Vikrant telling Deepika that he knows she feels the same for him, I will soon tell Aditi and we will stay together, they will be together soon. Deepika wakes up from dream and gets anxious. She drinks water. Here, Vikrant is undergoing detox therapy and feels restless. In the hospital, Abhay js asked by patient’s son about his father. He requests to meet his father. Abhay says it’s not allowed but I will allow for few seconds. The son cries and asks the doctor to save him. Abhay says surgery is complicated but they will give their best. The son says Vinayak is the best surgeon, but he talked so rudely I don’t know what kind of doctor he is, what do you feel? Abhay says whatever kind of human he might be but he is a good surgeon. The son asks Abhay to let him touch his dad. He goes and says I love you dad. Abhay gets reminded of childhood when Abhay brought a card for Vinayak and Girija made cake but Vinayak was busy on call and then went without noticing anything. Leaving a disappointed Abhay and Girija behind. Girija consoles Abhay over his card and Abhay says how he wanted to say I love you to him. Abhay comes back to reality and sees the patient getting an attack. Abhay calls nurse and asks to call someone. Here, Deepika is treating a patient and with his girlfriend know so much about medicines she asks if they are medical students. Deepika says you guys might be right. Rishi, the patient says don’t become a doctor now, I am having pain. Deepika takes him for tests.

Here, Abhay treats the patient according to his knowledge and saves the situation. Nurse says it’s good you handled the situation or else Vinayak would have scolded you. Deepika thinks to call the rehab center but changes her mind. Here, Vikrant is sitting in the dark where nurse comes and says are you ready. Vikrant says who is Mr. Purohit. Someone comes and says he is not Purohit, he is Vikrant Saxena, the other one is a fake name. Vikrant worries seeing him. Abhay practices to tell Vinayak the truth but hestitates and keeps on rehearsing but he stutters. Abhay walks in the hallway and the son again comes and says tell me the precautions after surgery, I will take care of it. Abhay tells him the pointers while he notes. Abhay compliments his pen while the son says it was dad’s and hr gave me on my graduation and since then it’s my favourite and most valuable thing. Abhay gets a flashback where he was playing with Vinayak’s stethoscope and Vinayak scolds Abhay that he has to earn it and it doesn’t come with legacy. He comes out of flashback while Vinayak comes and asks the status. Abhay tells in low voice. Vinayak says are you telling it to yourself or me? Dr. Shetty takes over. Vinayak asks Abhay to do the pre ops prepration. Vinayak is about to leave when the son comes and tells Vinayak he loves his father and please save him. Vinayak says I didn’t know that otherwise I wouldn’t have tried thanks. He leaves. Dr. Shetty apologies on his behalf to his son. His son says to Abhay how insensitive he is, Abhay says even his son hates him. He looks on.

Here, Cedric says my mom was unwell I was cheating in one of the exams and you made the invigilator see it and they rusticated me and my dreams to become a doctor went away but thanks to my dad he had money to give me and made me set this rehab center and now I will make sure you pay for what you did to me. Vikrant worries.

Here, Deepika comes to check Rishi and gets to know stone has not passed yet so she increases the fluid intake. Deepika asks them to wait. Deepika says as to avoid procedure is better. Deepika calls Rishi Vikrant and shows her concern. Then she realises and goes. An ER patient comes and Sia takes incharge while Ansari tries to guide her but all in vain.

In the operating room, Vinayak says to Abhay there is not much difference between you and an intern. He asks Abhay to just handle the ribs being apart. Here, Cedric asks Ismile to not give the tablets to Vikrant that doctor has told. The nurse goes into thinking. Here, Ansari brings scans of Pragya to Deepika and takes advice. Sia says I did tests and you took the scans to Deepika? Ansari says she is your pateint only as I am team lead and all the patients are mine. Ansari asks Sia to do some further tests.

In the operating room, Dr. Shetty asks Vinayak some doubt, while Vinayak asks Abhay and says I knew all this when I was an intern but I know you must not be knowing it let me tell. Then Vinayak asks Abhay his full name and says Abhay means strong and not having fear of anything but you are fearful, your dad didn’t focus on you or else you would have been strong. Abhay thinks of flashback where Abhay as a kid got scared of lightining and Vinayak scolds him and says you are my son you can’t be scared. Abhay comes to present, Vinayak compliments himself for his skills.

Here, Deepika tells Rishi and Niti about the stone having a bigger size so procedure is required. Rishi asks Niti to go to college as today is an important surgery demo in college. Niti goes. Deepika praises Rishi for being such an understanding boyfriend. Rishi says Niti is bright student and he wants her to succeed. Deepika remembers how Vikrant also was happy when she did well in college. Deepika explains the procedure and goes.

In the ER, Ansari takes the procedure details from Sia and says okay I will take care of these things. Sia says you said you don’t steal surgeries then what happened? Sia says I will only do this surgery. She goes.

Here, Vikram is locked in the room and hopes for Deepika to call. While the Nurse looks on. In the operation, Dr. Shetty asks Vinayak if he has any progeny to pass on his legacy. Vinayak says he has no son and no one as this wisdom is rare to be passed. Abhay remember the day Vinayak left him and Girija. Vinayak asks Abhay he wishes to say something, Abhay explains the future procedure and Vinayak does so without saying anything. On the other hand, Deepika asks Rishi to take rest and call Niti. Rishi asks Deepika to call Vikrant as she took the name. Deepika says it’s just a slip of tongue. Rishi says you should call as we only live once. Here, the operation is successful and Abhay informs the patient’s son, and says he is lucky to have a dad like him. Here, Abhay sees Sia and goes to her but she leaves, Abhay calls Peroz but Peroz goes towards Sia so Abhay leaves. Sia says you chose me over Abhay that’s shocking. Peroz says Abhay cheated on you which was shocking, you broke up with him that’s also shocking so obviously had to choose you. Ansari comes and tells Sia I heard your surgery went well, I helped you. Ansari says I kept you busy in surgery so that you don’t think about Abhay and I arranged things so that no one gossips about you and Abhay. Sia says you think of yourself as some big surgeon well you are not and you didn’t help me. Ansari leaves. Peroz appreciates Sia and her strong words. Sia says I am fed up of Abhay and Ansari like people.

Here, Deepika is thinking about Vikrant and comes to his room. She thinks of calling rehab center but gets a call on intercom from Aditi. Deepika lies and says Vikrant is in surgery and asks for the message. Aditi says ask him to call me as from 3 days haven’t spoken to him. Deepika says I will tell him, by the way no need to worry he is busy in a complicated surgery. Aditi asks for her name but Deepika stays silent and ends call. Vikrant hopes for getting a call from Deepika and cries

Episode ends.

Precap: Deepika gets a call from Vikrant and comes to rehab to take him. Cedric challenges her to try and take Vikrant and he will tell her hospital about Vikrant. On the other hand, Abhay is in ambulance with the patient and he gets an attack he calls Vinayak and says I can perform this procedure and Vinayak gets doubtful if Abhay can perform it rightly.

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