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Episode begins with Deepika asking HR to schedule a meeting with Jamshed, PC and Vikrant. HR asks her to compromise as it’s not a big deal. Deepika says I don’t want to learn, you just schedule the meeting. Isha comes to Peroz and says Mira has a heart disease. They both go to a senior doctor and learn it’s a complicate thing and they need to do surgery. Peroz worries. Here, in ER, Abhay sees Madhvi in pain so he makes her sit aside and gives a pain killer injection. Madhvi tries to cover up. Abhay says you are in pain, I can see it so don’t cover up. Abhay asks Madhvi why are you handling so much? I know your husband hits you right? Why are you taking it silently. Madhvi tries to go but Abhay says don’t stay silent, you don’t have to. Abhay asks Madhvi to raise her voice.

Madhvi says it’s not so easy. Madhvi cries and goes. Here, Ansari and Abhay meet in the hall. Abhay warns Ansari for his cheap ways in english. Ansari says say things clearly. Abhay says you are brainwashing Sia, it’s not right. Ansari says I am just helping Sia and she is doing the same. Abhay says I know you are manipulating her, that is wrong. Ansari says you rich brats do this only always after poor people when they are about to become successful, I guess you are jealous that Sia is with me and you want her back. Abhay says don’t compare me with you, you are very low grade. Ansari smiles. Abhay gives a warning saying you stay away from Sia. Ansari says I don’t care what you say, stay out of it.

Sia checks on a patient and asks Vikrant to check while even Abhay calls for help. Vikrant first helps Sia as the patient is getting a heart attack. Vikrant asks Sia to focus on patient. Vikrant gets a call from his dad again and again. Vikrant says I am in emergency. His dad says you are again after that girl? Aditi and Suman told me. Vikrant sees Aditi with anger. He cuts the call. Vikrant scolds Abhay about the wrong cast.

Here, Peroz calms and consoles Mira. Mira worries about dying. Peroz says it’s no time to talk so negatively. Mira says can you stay with me. Peroz says yes. Isha asks Mira about emergency contact number, so she gives Peroz’s number. Here, Abhay is sitting upset and Ali comes to ask him what’s the matter? Abhay shares his worry for Sia and then about women taking the domestic violence. Abhay says what kind of world is this? Abhay says I am worrying about this world being so cruel. Ali says you are right, you are worried for right reason. Abhay says I wish Sia could see what is happening. Ali says Sia is like that, she is selfless. Abhay says don’t give up on Sia and that women who is taking all the domestic violence. Vikrant is angry and Aditi comes to him. Vikrant says you filled my dad’s ear against me? Aditi says I haven’t told anyone, if Suman has then it’s not my fault. Vikrant leaves.

Deepika complains to Jamshed and PC about Vikrant not letting any junior doctors for me, I need Abhay. Vikrant says ER needs junior doctors, I can help Deepika if she needs help. Deepika says wow so the ER head can help me but junior doctors can’t? Jamshed supports Vikrant while PC supports Deepika. Deepika says Vikrant is bringing personal grudges into work place. Vikrant says you can’t bring personal things here.

Jamshed says the same things. Deepika vents out how everyone is asking me not to bring personal grudges here but you all are doing it, and just because I am woman you can’t expect me to be quite. HR asks Deepika to calm down, you are being emotional. Deepika says I am not emotional, I am assertive. Deepika asks HR to explain them. PC says Vikrant started this, not Deepika, let’s end this talk and we need staff for general so Vikrant will give 2 residents to her. Deepika says I want them urgently.

Here, Mira’s operation is going on and Peroz is by her side. After operation, Peroz informs Mira abiut the surgery to be successful. Mira shares her gratefulness and says as life is so precious I want to go on a date with you after I get discharged. Peroz says we can have it here.

Deepika treats Sundar. Sundar asks them to call Abhay, he saved him last time. Sia says he is saving someone else right now. Deepika sends her for post op. Isha leaves an audio message for Peroz. She sees Peroz with Meera. Peroz and Meera share a sweet moment. Isha gets upset and goes.

Deepika says Sundar is fine now, we can discharge him. Sundar says I like Abhay more than Ansari. Sia says he will get angry if he hears this. Ansari turns to her. Deepika comes to her cabin. Vikrant says well played, you won. She says I have nothing to talk to you. He says I m not liking what you are doing. She says I hope you will never come in my way. He holds her. She gets away and says I know you are hurt, what you did was not good. They argue.

Vikrant comes to home and finds his parents. Vikrant’s mom taunts Vikrant. Aditi asks her to let it be. Vikrant’s mom says I have always let it be that’s why this happened. Vikrant says you don’t need to worry, haven’t left your wife. Aditi says please don’t talk to your parents like this. Vikrant says you will teach me now how to deal things? Vikrant’s dad says you are wrong and you are scolding Aditi? Vikrant goes to room. Suman says see Vikrant doesn’t care for any of us. Aditi cries and Suman consoles her.

Here, Deepika and Abhay cheer up Sundar. Sia gives Sundar’s report to Abhay. Abhay has fun talk with Sundar. Ansari sees Sia talk Abhay normally and finds it odd. Deepika and Abhay walk down the hall while Deepika compliments Abhay for earning trust of a patient. Abhay says I am nothing, you are teaching me a lot. Deepika says I hope people see woman as strong people.

Abhay says I agree, all woman should be strong and confident enough to fight their battles. Here, Peroz comes to Isha and says me and Mira are serious for each other. Isha says you are going too fast, Divya also went that’s why. Peroz says it’s not so, Mira is different, we both have same ideas about love, thanks to you our cupid. Sia says things change, you don’t know her for even 48 hrs now. Peroz says we are perfect for each other.

Here, Vikrant is sitting in his room when Aditi comes. Vikrant scolds her for going so much against her. Aditi says I didn’t do anything, Suman did it all, and things got so out of hand so family had to know. Vikrant says what are you trying to make me do? Aditi says I didn’t do it. Vikrant says I don’t trust you, you can do anything to keep me by your side, you are suffocating me, get out of my room. Aditi goes. Vikrant’s dad sees this. Isha is treating a patient and everything is making her think of Peroz. Isha becomes emotional and thinks she is having pain if a friend is ruining his life.

Next day, Vikrant’s parents’ try to talk to Vikrant that what they will say to Aditi’s family? Vikrant says tell them anything you wish to. Vikrant’s mom says stay away from that girl and come to Delhi. Vikrant says I will never go back to Delhi. Suman says because of Suman right? You don’t care for Aditi? Vikrant says yes right, that’s the thing. Vikrant goes. Aditi gets emotional and asks what should I do to save my marriage? Deepika and Abhay see a urgent patient in ER. Deepika does the stitches and makes the patient stable. Vikrant comes there and scolds Deepika for being there. Everyone looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Abhay consoles Deepika while someone makes video of Deepika and Abhay and circulates it. HR gives warning to Deepika.

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