Drama to galore in Colors TV Gathbandhan with Dhanak catching Mai and showing her the papers.

Colors TV Gathbandhan is witnessing Dhanak and Raghu’s pre-wedding functions. Mai finds out that Commissioner has send Dhanak some paper regarding drugs deal. Mai gets tensed and decides to divert Dhanak’s mind so that she can reach the paper first.

Meanwhile, Dhanak and Raghu’s fetches time for romance.  Raghu puts the cuff and locked his and her hands together. Dhanak hides the cuffs from the family and the duo sits together to put Mehendi.  They both hide the cuffs. Later, Mai thinks till she gets the paper she will butter Dhanak.

Mai ask Dhanak to give her hand, as she wants to put Mehendi. She sees the cuffs in Dhanak and Raghu’s hand.

In the upcoming episode will see, Laxmi and Savitri will sneak into Dhanak’s room and hide.

Lakshmi will call Mai and will ask her to come down in chawl. Lakshmi will meet Mai and will ask her to find some solution to cope up with the case. To take the papers Lakshmi and Mai will enter Dhanak’s room.

Later, Dhanak will confront Savitri. Mai will be stunned.

As per the promo: Raghu dances on his wedding day. Dhanak gets ready in Maharastrian bridal attire. Mai too is seen happy. the duo gets set to marry each other but Dhanak’s act shocked everyone out there. Dhanak arrested Raghu on their wedding day. Raghu and Mai give angry look to Dhanak.

How the lovebirds will deal with this situation and what Mai will do next?  To know more keep watching Gathbandhan, mon-fri.

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