Colors TV Gathbandhan is gearing up for high voltage drama ahead.

So far show is witnessing interesting track. Raghu decides to become good human and thinks to leave his Don life. Dhanak supports Raghu and started falling in love with him.

Dhanak’s senior Twade disturbs their peace and traps Raghu. Mai and Dhanak join hands and decide to expose Twade.

Mai deals with Twade in order to trap him. And here she gives his information to Dhanak. Later, Raghu gets the justice with the help of Mai and Dhanak.

Raghu gets happy seeing Dhanak and Mai together. But his happiness was short-live when Mai declares she can’t accept Dhanak as her daughter-in law. She tells him a thief and police can’t be friends ever.

Dhanak cries hearing Mai, Raghu consoles her.

Dhanak and Raghu share a romantic moment. Dhanak confesses her feelings and asked Raghu to marry her again. She says this time she wants Mai’s blessings too.

Raghu says yes but Mai decides she will not go to bless Dhanak.

The new shocking marriage promo of Raghu and Dhanak is out and it seems drama will galore in RANAK’S wedding day.

In the promo, Raghu dances on his wedding day. Dhanak gets ready in Maharastrian bridal attire. Mai too is seen happy. The duo gets set to marry each other but Dhanak’s act shocked everyone out there.

Dhanak arrested Raghu on their wedding day. Raghu and Mai gives angry look to Dhanak and she cries while putting handcuff to Raghu.

Why Dhanak arrested Raghu? Do Dhanak’s act will create misunderstanding between RANAK and the duo will be separated? How Mai will react? And what made Dhanak to take such a drastic step? Well, for all the answers don’t miss watching Gathbandhan mon-fri on colors channel.

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