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Colorstv’s recently launched show Dharam Patni is a rare love story of a simple sweet school teacher Pratiksha Parekh and a buisness tycoon Ravi Randhawa. Currently we are seeing that Pratiksha loses her parents. Later, she agrees to marry Dhawal as he promises to support her family after their marriage.

In the previous episode, Parul fainted seeing the news telecast. Pratiksha left for the mall in order to rescue her parents. Kinjal followed her. Her parents tried to escape from the mall but failed. His father fought with few goons, helped some hostages to leave safely. Pratiksha entered the mall by a secret gate. She met with her parents. Her father got shot in his leg by a goon.

Pratiksha took him to the food court and asked her to hide there. She went to her mother. A goon shot her mother aswell. Later, Pratiksha found that both her parents are dead. Before dying her mother gave her responsibilities of her younger sisters. Later she performed the last rites of her parents in presence of her and Dhawal’s family. Dhawal’s family wanted the marriage to take place as early as possible.

Pratiksha requested them to give her some time to handle everything. Dhawal asked her to move on in life. Pratiksha said that she wanted to settle her younger sisters first. Dhawal said that he would support Pratiksha to do that after marriage. Pratiksha said yes for the marriage. Everyone became happy.

In the upcoming episode, during marriage ceremony dhawal’s mother demands for Pratiksha’s entire property before the rituals. They break the alliance and plans to defame Pratiksha so that she remains unmarried for rest of her life.

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