Subhaan Siddiqui, aka Dheeraj Dhoopar, was liked for his emotional performance in the recent episode of Rabb Se Hai Dua.

Subhaan was heartbroken after Mannat left him. He burned the memories of Mannat and also expressed his hatred for Ibadat.

Dheeraj Dhoopar is a master at playing an emotional role. His natural acting connects with the audience. Fans can’t stop praising Dheeraj’s engaging performance in the latest episode of Rabb Se Hai Dua.

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Yesterday’s’s episode of #SubhaanSiddiqui featured an emotional scene that was truly on another level   The depth of emotion portrayed by #DheerajDhoopar left a lasting impact on viewers showcasing his ability to deliver powerful and heartfelt moments   #RabbSeHaiDua

they can, will, and have to reach an understanding, once Subhaan realizes that Mannat is not worth his tears but i do feel this has more to do with Ibadat, he still cares but won’t show it #DheerajDhoopar #YeshaRughani #SubhaanSiddiqui #IbadatAkhtar #IbHaan #RabbSeHaiDua

The way he was looking at his guitar,mask    DD your eyes and those sad emotions in them touched to the core of our heart     @DheerajDhoopar #DheerajDhoopar #SubhaanSiddiqui

In conclusion, fans enjoyed the performance by Dheeraj Dhoopar. The actor brings out the best emotion on screen. Dheeraj is well-known for being a romantic hero on TV. But he is tough competition in an emotional scene. The way he portrayed the pain of a man who was ditched by his love, was relatable. The masses applauded the performance by Dheeraj.

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On the story front, Subhaan hates both Mannat and Ibaadat. He has turned cold-hearted. Will Ibadat be able to calm down Subhaan? Will Subhaan fall for Ibaadat? Will Shubhan and Ibaadat’s love story ever start? Time will only tell.

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