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The episode starts with Bhanu questions Bhawana what’s happening here. He then calls out the family members by taunting Bhawana as a new daughter in law. Bhawana comes downstairs. Malini asks Bhanu what happened. Then gets shocked seeing Bhawana. Vidya also gets shocked. Bhanu asks Malini to look at Bhawana who is unrecognisable because of the way she adorned herself. He also tells before Deepak’s barsi Bhawana is doing all this. He then taunts her then takes her photo’s. He also shows a mirror to her saying she has started flying high. Malini taunts Bhawana saying they have to take an evil eyes off from Bhawana. Bhanu questions Bhawana how could she do this. Jagjeevan asks Bhanu to remove the mirror from Bhawana. Bhanu throws the mirror then tells him, Bhawana is a widow. She is a daughter in law also reputation of the house. Bhawana shows Bhanu a mirror and asks him to look himself in the mirror and think about the family’s respect. Malini warns Bhawana but the latter mocks at saying she should learn about Bhanu’s act.

Bhanu loses his calm then asks her to tell what’s she trying to say. Bhawana questions him for his cunning act to steal money. She then questions him don’t he think that he should think about atleast Jagjeevan’s respect. Everyone gets shocked. Bhanu gets furious. He tells inorder to prove Bhawana her innocence she is unnecessarily lying about him. Jagjeevan questions Bhawana for accusing Bhanu. Bhawana tells that she will prove Bhanu’s cunning act then demands him to call the one who he dialed last. Also asks him to put the call on speaker. Bhanu gets nervous but Malini and Vidya encourages him to call Tiwari to prove Bhawana wrong. Bhanu prays God to not to expose his truth to the family. He then calls Tiwari. Bhawana demands him to put the call on speaker. Tiwari answers the call but doesn’t expose Bhanu instead he praises Bhanu for his services to the temple. Bhawana gets shocked. She then pleads Jagjeevan to trust her as she heard Bhanu’s conversation with Tiwari. Bhanu gets happy.

Bhanu tells Bhawana needs to get punished for trying to falsely accuse him. He then announces his decision to blacken Bhawana’s face. He takes a black paint box in his hand. Malini and Vidya gets happy while Aanchal and Jagjeevan looks worried. Jagjeevan pleads Bhanu to not to do this with Bhawana as she is a daughter in law of the house. Bhanu tells Bhawana forget her place in this house so he has to remind her then approaches Bhawana with a black paint. Bhawana prays God to not to let her face humiliation as she isn’t a wrong one here. Bhanu slips and the black paint falls on him. Everyone gets shocked. Malini rushes to Bhanu worriedly. Vidya hides her smile. Aanchal gets happy. Bhawana taunts Bhanu and says they both knows the truth. Bhanu gets furious. Later, Bhawana recalls everything that happened and furiously works in her workplace. Raghav arrives and asks her what happened. Bhawana vents out her frustration of the way even her own family members are treating her. She then asks Raghav his opinion whether a women has to die when her husband passes away? Raghav says no also advices her to stand up for herself when someone does something wrong to her using her situation. Bhawana looks on.

Precap: Bhawana burns her old clothes saying her life colours may be snatched from her but hereafter she will choose her colours. Raghav who watches this from far looks proud and happy.

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