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The episode starts with Malini scolds Bhawana for not thinking before speaking. She then says that Bhawana insulted Bhanu but the latter didn’t say anything just because she is his late brother’s wife. She also says that no one in the family until now never went against Bhanu’s wish also if Deepak is alive then he would also never went against Bhanu. Bhawana says that if Deepak was alive then she would have never needed anything. Vidya taunts Bhawana for accusing them of making her feel helpless. Her husband signs at her to not to speak. Bhawana tries to speak but Malini stops her. Malini then tells Bhawana to not to act that she cares for the family by keeping fast to get insurance money soon so that she can give it to Bhanu and now they get to know about her real face asks her to show her this real face of her’s to them always then leaves.

Bhawana gets upset. Other side Swati searches for any clue to find out anything that she can use it against Raghav from the latter’s car. She saw the hospital bill’s and wonders whose bill Raghav paid. She gets determined to find it. Raghav comes outside and sees Swati is getting Aarav’s book from the ground acting that she is upset with Aarav who didn’t closed his bag which lead to this mess. Raghav goes to help her. Swati gets relieved thinking that she noticed Raghav otherwise she would have get caught red handed. Abhishek and Jagjivan is walking on the street.

They both recalls Afsan Khan and Bhawana’s words. Abhishek tells Jagjivan that he feels because of his marriage arrangements the family is in this situation and he don’t even have a proper job to help the family which makes him feel guilty. Jagjivan asks not to feel guilty or blame himself and says whatever happening it’s sole responsibility is Bhanu only. Bhanu should have thought numerous times before fixing an alliance of Abhishek to Meera’s family about whether they can afford the expenses or not.

Bhawana confronts Aanchal for lying to Bhanu to give her pomegranate. Aanchal defends herself saying it’s necessary otherwise Bhanu could have snatched that from her. Other side Jagjivan says to Abhishek that he is not that old not to understand Bhanu’s intentions behind the insurance money but he won’t let any injustice happen to Bhawana and Aanchal because the money belongs to them only also Bhanu should find a way to solve the problem which he created coming under his greediness. In the house Bhawana scolds Aanchal for her behavior despite knowing their family’s current situation. Aanchal says to her that she won’t care about anyone or anything as the family never cared about them also asks Bhawana to not to lecture her to not to hide anything because she knows the family members.

Bhawana gets angry and tells Aanchal that she doesn’t know about anyone but she don’t want her daughter to act this way. Aanchal tells Bhawana that Bhanu told he will use the insurance money for the entire family but now he wants it to use it for Abhishek’s marriage alone. If Bhanu is incapable of all this then why he fixed the alliance of Abhishek in the first place. Bhawana advices Aanchal to not to say such things and tells it’s Bhanu after Deepak passed away taking care of them both till date and asks her to not to act this way as the family need their help now. Later at night Bhawana hopes the service person doesn’t delete the photos of Deepak from her phone.

Vidya’s husband tells Vidya that because of Abhishek’s marriage Bhanu is even ready to mortgage the house. He is after Bhawana’s insurance money also. Bhawana done a right thing otherwise Bhanu is the only one who can get everything. Vidya asks him then why he didn’t say anything to Bhanu. Vidya’s husband says it’s because Bhanu won’t spare him if he went against his wish then praises Bhawana for standing up. Vidya says to her husband for the first time Bhawana done a good job. Her husband asks her to act smart just like Bhawana but the latter shuts him up by taunting him.

The next day Swati visits the hospital to get information from there about the hospital bill. She lies to the nurse who is in the bill counter that she wants to return to the patient one of their important thing and asks the patient information but the nurse refuses to give her saying it’s confidential. Swati tries to bribe her but the nurse insults her and asks her to leave. Swati gets upset and wonders how to get the information. She then gets an idea and become hopeful. In Shastri’s house Bhawana gets upset seeing Bhanu is still upset with her so she goes to him and tries to make him have food. Bhanu rings the bell angrily. Malini informs Bhawana that hereafter Bhanu won’t eat or serve the food made by her.

Bhawana gets shocked and pleads with Bhanu to not to punish her like this and forgive her considering her as his younger sister. She further adds that she shouldn’t have talked to Bhanu that way infront of Vikas but she was helpless so ended up going against his wish and apologises to Bhanu for her disrespectful behavior. Jagjivan tells Bhawana there is no elder and younger person when it comes to doing a right thing so asks her to not to feel guilty which shocks Bhanu and Malini. Malini tells Bhawana to agree to sell the upstairs room to rectify her mistake to get Bhanu’s forgiveness. Bhawana looks on helplessly.

Precap: Raghav shows Bhawana her phone from the balcony. Malini calls Bhawana asking her phone. Bhawana hears it and wonders how to get her phone which is in Raghav’s hand. Raghav throws Bhawana a thread ball. Meanwhile Malini goes upstairs when she didn’t get any response from Bhawana. Raghav with the help of thread makes Bhawana phone reaches her. Just then Malini comes to the balcony and looks on.

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