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The episode starts with Bhawana and Aanchal decorates their room then lays on the bed happily. The next day Brij Mohan tells because of a woman their Holi celebration is ruined. He also talks about the society people and Bhanu’s attempt to ruin his reputation. Raghav remains silent. Brij Mohan takes a dig at Raghav. Meanwhile Aanchal pleads with Bhawana to attend the Holi ceremony with them. She further asks Jagjivan to convince Bhawana. Bhawana says to Aanchal that she isn’t interested also worries about the society people’s taunt.

Jagjivan asks Bhawana to accompany with them to Holi celebration saying he is her daughter. Bhawana gets convinced. Abhishek gets happy. Meanwhile Savita asks Raghav to join them with the Holi celebration. Raghav refuses saying he always let down his family so he isn’t interested. Savita asks him not to think this way and asks to join them and when she hears Brij Mohan is calling her she leaves the place.

Bhawana joins Aanchal Abhishek and Jagjivan to go to Holi celebration. Bhanu arrives there with Malini and Vidya Amit Aarushi. He says that he will not take part in a Holi celebration if Bhawana accompany them. Jagjivan stay firm in his decision to take Bhawana with him. Malini calls Bhawana a widow also ruining and snatching their opportunity to take part in Holi celebration. Bhawana decides not to attend Holi ceremony and asks the family members to be part of the celebration. Bhanu taunts her saying he don’t want to face Jagjivan’s wrath because of her so called sacrifices.

Bhawana pleads with the family members to take part in the Holi celebration as she have no desire to attend in the first place. Malini taunts her. Vidya also joins Malini and says even they won’t take part in Holi celebration. Bhanu decides to go inside but gets stopped when Aanchal asks him to stop blaming Bhawana for everything. Bhawana scolds her for her behavior but Aanchal refuses to back down. Aanchal taunts Bhanu and the family members for the way they are treating Bhawana just because she is a widow.

Amit says if Aarushi behaves with everyone like Aanchal then he will definitely punish her. Aanchal shuts him up saying if Aarushi witnesses her parent’s are being victim to humiliation then she won’t remain silent. She then asks Bhawana to accompany them to take part in Holi celebration. Bhawana shouts No and scolds Aanchal then goes inside. Malini and Vidya gets happy.

The Srivastav’s perform the puja. Shastri’s also arrives there. The neighbour’s starts criticising both the family. Raghav arrives there and shuts everyone up. He then notices Bhawana isn’t there and signs at Aanchal. Aanchal signs him Bhawana is in house. Raghav leaves the place. Savita notices this and recalls Brij Mohan’s words. Bhawana watches the Holi ka dhahan from her balcony then sees Bhanu Malini and Brij Mohan and recalls their insults and goes inside. Aanchal and Jagjivan meets Raghav. They both expresses their worry about Bhawana who is suppressed by the family members also going through an ill treatment of the family members.

Meanwhile Bhawana speaks to the photo frame in which Aanchal’s photo is. She apologises to Aanchal for shouting at her. Here Raghav tells both Aanchal and Jagjivan how they all treat the women in the family which leads the women to endure all the pain. Aanchal says she can’t see her mother like this. Later Raghav joins Savita. Savita takes him aside and tells him about the marriage proposal she bought for him. Meanwhile Aanchal video calls Bhawana and shows her the Holi ceremony.

Raghav tells he isn’t interested in second marriage. Savita asks him to see the girl first and points at the direction where Aanchal is in call with Bhawana. Raghav misunderstands Savita and gets overjoyed. He then gets upset and shocked when Savita calls the woman who she thought would be a better person for Raghav.

Precap: Raghav in his intoxicated state demands Bhanu to call Bhawana as he wants to confess his feelings for Bhawana. Bhanu remains silent. Bhawana meets Raghav with colours in her hand and makes him apply it on her face. She further encourages Raghav to speak to her his heart out. Raghav looks on surprised.

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