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The episode starts with Raghav tells Bhawana the importance of women and asks her to know her strength and fight without any fear. He also compliments Bhawana before leaving. Bhawana looks at her reflection in the mirror recalling Raghav’s words then says to herself that she knows what she has to do. Here, Bhanu praises Tiwari even without him informing his trouble the latter saved him. Tiwari explains how he found out. Bhanu then says to Tiwari that they should be more alert because someone in his family wants to reveal the truth. Tiwari asks Bhanu to not to worry. Meanwhile Bhawana takes all her clothes thinking Aancal is the sign of her love for Deepak so she don’t have to prove wearing these clothes. She then burns her clothes saying she will choose the colours in her life hereafter. Raghav who watches this from his house become proud and encourages to become a new person who is strong on her own.

Bhanu taunts Abhishek saying everyone in the family living free without doing any work. He also blames Bhawana for Abhishek’s behaviour. Bhawana arrives there and opposes to stop addressing about her daughter Aanchal this way. Bhanu gets furious. Bhawana then questions Bhanu about the Maha Utsav’s budget meeting saying she wants to take part in it. Bhanu tells he will never let her take part in any of the Maha Utsav’s part then leaves. Later, Bhawana gets disturbed recalling Bhanu’s actions. She gets determined to stop Bhanu from fooling people. Aanchal arrives there. She praises Bhawana for standing up against Bhanu also asks her to continue the same. Bhawana advises Aanchal to not to get involve in all this. She then learns Abhishek went to meet Kaushal who is Tiwari’s son so she asks Aanchal to let Abhishek know she wants to meet him after he returns home. Aanchal obliges.

Here, Swati asks Gaurav to take her to dinner. Gaurav refuses saying Brij Mohan asks him to submit the file on time also he is going to take part in Maha Utsav so he have to do this work on his own. Swati shouts saying it’s unfair. Raghav who arrives there senses the tension between Gaurav and Swati so decides to leave but Swati stops him and requests him to do the work which Brij Mohan assigned for Gaurav telling Raghav about her dinner plans. Raghav tells Swati that Brij Mohan asked him to accompany him to Maha Utsav so he can’t do this work. He then asks Gaurav the reason behind refusing to take his client cases. Gaurav tells he decides not to work under who don’t trust him also now he have own share of his clients. Raghav feels sorry but Gaurav asks him not to. After Raghav leaves, Swati instigates Gaurav so the latter decides to go to dinner with Swati instead of finishing the work given to him by Brij Mohan.

The next day, Raghav meets Aanchal and Jagjeevan. They all celebrates their victory that their plan gets succeed to make Bhawana a courageous person. Raghav then tells this is the right time to let Bhawana do their final task. Jagjeevan feels Bhawana still has to improve but both Raghav and Aanchal makes him understand it’s the right time by reminding him all the courageous act Bhawana has done. Raghav also tells once Bhawana finishes her task they will reveal her the truth. Jagjeevan agrees. Here, Bhawana worries how to know about the budget meeting timing. Meanwhile Bhanu warns Malini about Bhawana but Malini assures him that she will handle Bhawana. Abhishek meets Bhawana and expresses his agony of not able to find his interest in a particular field. Bhawana advises him to give himself a time. She then suggests to become a volunteer of Maha Utsav events may be he will find his interest. Abhishek thanks Bhawana. He also agrees to learn from Kaushal about budget meeting time then leaves. Bhawana gets determined to stop Bhanu from fooling everyone.

Precap: Bhanu gives Bhawana sweet and mocks at her. He also confesses that he always fooled everyone and stole people’s money. Bhawana remains silent but glares at Bhanu.

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Dheere Dheere Se 11th April 2023 Written Update: Jagjeevan questions Bhawana