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The episode starts with Bhawana puts the torn cheque infront of her and her husband’s wedding photo. She recalls Aanchal’s words. Aanchal comes there and hugs Bhawana. Aanchal also recalls Bhanu’s words and gets furious. She asks Bhawana to stand up for her rights as she always advised her to be bold then why she can’t apply it in her life and talk back against Bhanu. She further says that they are taking care of themselves yet they have to face all these insults. She then says that she neither want to give school trip nor want any burger and returns the money which Bhawana gave her earlier. Raghav comes to Ujjain.

Meanwhile Aanchal tells Bhawana there is no one for her or them after her father’s demise so asks her to take care of her. She further scolds her for not wearing slipper because of which she may face health issues if that happens then for that also Bhanu complaint about spending money on them then leaves. Bhawana says that Aanchal is worried about her but the harsh truth is that in this society living without a husband and that too with a daughter isn’t that easy. Raghav’s mother waits for Raghav outside the Railway station. Devraj asks is Raghav arrived yet. Raghav’s mother says no and says that she will wait for his son as she is going to meet him after fifteen years.

Raghav comes up behind her and covers her with a shawl. His mother gets happy. Raghav takes a blessings from her. He then greets Devraj also. He then goes to the car with his mother by his side. Bhawana is on her way to cook, Bhanu’s wife asks her to make the food spicy and Ritika asks her to make breakfast for Aarushi fast. Aarushi asks Bhawana to find her hairband and Abhishek asks her for black coffee and her father in law asks her to bring him a warm water. Bhawana obliges and goes inside.

Raghav asks his mother why did he came in this winter as she may catch cold. Raghav’s mother tells him, his father is the one who planned to receive him but last minute he had an important work so he is forced to leave. She further says that his brother is sleeping so she dont want to upset him by waking him up earlier also she saw him fifteen years back so she decides to meet him as soon as possible. Raghav tells his mother Ujjain has changed a lot. His mother tells the people and their thoughts are same as before nothing has changed which surprises Raghav.

Other side Bhanu tells his employee about his plan for his son Abhishek’s grand wedding which he is planning. His employee asks him from where did he will get that much money is he is going to get lottery. Bhanu recalls Bhawana’s words to change the beneficiary name in cheque so tells yes he is getting a lottery. Raghav’s mother asks him where he went before he reached Ujjain. Raghav tells her one of his friend’s wedding who finally met his life partner. His mother asks is it a love or arrange marriage. Raghav tells her marriage is marriage so what’s the difference if it’s love or arrange marriage.

Raghav’s mother tells him there is a difference though and talks about his failed marriage. She then gets shocked when Raghav becomes silent. Bhawana on the other side decides to return the cheque to change the beneficiary name. The FB shows in which both Bhawana and Deepak talks about their sudden disappearance from one another’s life may happen and scolds their partner for talking like this. Bhawana learns Deepak is filling insurance form so asks him to teach her as she feels bored. Deepak tells her that he is going to be with her so she don’t need to learn all this. The FB ends. Bhawana gets sad.

Raghav’s mother apologises to him for upsetting him but Raghav assures her he isn’t upset. He then asks about Deepak and family. Both his mother and Devraj fills in him about Deepak’s death. They tells him he met with an accident three months back also he has a wife and daughter. Raghav gets shocked. He decides to visit them.

Raghav’s mother asks him not to and tells both the families rivalry is still going on so asks not to upset his father by visiting them. Raghav obliges. Poonam watches the house daughter in law’s were doing their work peacefully. She decides to do something to ruin their peace. Poonam goes to them and acts like showing sympathy for Bhawana for what happened earlier. Her husband calls her out to serve him breakfast which annoys Poonam so she tells Bhawana that she get rid off all this responsibilities.

Bhawana gets shocked. She advices her to find a hobby of her own to pass time. Poonam calls herself as a Gossip queen and tells the ladies about Raghav’s return and goes inside. Bhanu’s wife asks Bhawana to bring vegetables using the money which she gave her previous day. Bhawana obliges. She goes to a shop where she buys a very little amount of paneer for Aanchal then goes to buy vegetables in the market. Raghav reaches the market with his mother in his car. He assures her to buy a good papaya and comes out of his car and walks inside the market.

Precap: Raghav helps Bhawana to make payment in online and talks about her life partner. Bhawana helps Raghav buy a papaya also talks about his life partner who must have spoiled him with love. Later Poonam introduces both Raghav and Bhawana to one another as they both enters their respective house. Both of them regrets talking to the other person about their life partner also decides to apologise.

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