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The episode starts with Bhawana is on her way to confront Jagjeevan. She then hears Bhanu is scolding someone and she wonders who it is and goes to see who it is. Bhanu scolds Abhishek for not doing proper work. Abhishek tells him that he isn’t interested in this business. Bhawana and the other family members arrives there. Amit tells Bhanu that Abhishek is a kid and give him some time. Bhanu reminds Abhishek is at the marriage age, his wedding was cancelled. Amit thinks that he can’t let Abhishek take over the business. He tells that he will manage all the works. Malini advices Abhishek to help Bhanu. Bhanu asks Abhishek to start the work from next day itself. Abhishek tells he needs some time then leaves the place. Bhanu gets furious. Malini calms him down saying she will talk to Abhishek.

Here, Savita brings Gaurav his favourite snack. Gaurav tells that he felt except Swati everyone forget him. Savita tells a mother will never forget her kids then reveals she made the snack for both him and Gaurav. Gaurav gets upset hearing it but ends up having it. Savita gets confused by Gaurav’s behaviour. She then tells him, all her kids are equally important for her. Swati watches this from far and tells that she is glad finally Gaurav realised the family members partiality. Bhawana goes to Abhishek and tries to calm him down. Abhishek tells her to leave him alone.

Bhawana tells him that she knows he is upset with her because his wedding called off because of her only. She then tells him that she took that decision when she was helpless or else she would never hurt him the apologises to him. She further asks Abhishek if he isn’t interested to accompany his father in his business then what he wants to do. Abhishek tells he isn’t sure what he wants. Bhawana advices him to find out then they can talk to Bhanu about it. Abhishek gets happy and thanks her.

Bhawana receives a call from the client and she assures him that she will handover the order on time. She then gets upset because of the blackmailer her work is haunted and wonders whether she should take help from few people to complete her order or not. Raghav meets Bhawana and tells her to be strong saying she is capable of doing things alone so asks her to have faith in her. Bhawana tells him that he trusts her ability more than she trusts herself. She then thanks him then goes inside. Savita watches this from balcony everything then gets furious.

At night Raghav finds few photos of girls in his cupboard which he puts in the draw and goes to change bit Savita stops him and asks him why he isn’t even thinking about looking at the photos. She then demands him to not to speak with Bhawana also marry a girl who she selects for him. Here, Bhawana gets relieved that she got the opportunity to work in her orders while Aanchal is with Jagjeevan. Vidya tries to sneak into Bhawana’s room but fails so she goes back to sleep.

Bhawana thinks everyone must be asleep so decides to confront Jagjeevan about the secret. Meanwhile Raghav goes to Savita and asks her about her demand. Savita refuses to addreses the issue directly but tells him indirectly whatever in his mind won’t happen then leaves. Amit goes out of the house to speak with his girlfriend. Bhawana sees the door is open so she locks it and goes to meet Jagjeevan. Aanchal expresses her worry about how they will make understand whatever they did is to make her strong after Bhawana learns the truth. Bhawana arrives there and questions both Aanchal and Jagjeevan and they both gets shocked.

Precap: Amit questions Bhawana for not locking the door. Malini taunts Bhawana. Bhawana tells the family members that she locked the door two times. Amit insults her. Bhawana shouts at Amit saying she already told clearly that she did locked the door which shocks everyone.

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Dheere Dheere Se 27th March 2023 Written Update: Bhawana feels guilty for lying to the family members