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The episode starts with Surya tells Dolly that she will have to suffer for helping Dhruv and Tara. Surya wants to know from Dolly that whats the plan going with them. Dolly denies Surya. Dhruv tells Tara that he don’t know what he will do because Nayanthara machine is unable to work without the mirror. Dhruv decides to tell the truth to Surya and he is ready to face Surya. Tara tells Dhruv that she will not let him anything happens. Tara tells Meenakshi that Surya has kidnap Dolly.

Surya starts torturing Dolly by applying itching powder in her body. Surya gives the option to Dolly either speaks the truth or ready to face the punishment. Meenakshi tells Tara that without the diagram Nayantara is impossible . Dhruv tries to think a solution. Dhruv and Meenakshi went to execute the plan. Tara tells  Dhruv and Meenakshi to take care. Tara wants to know where Surya has taken Dolly. Meenakshi and Dhruv on the way to find Dolly but suddenly he collides with a servant and the box fell down from his hands. Dhruv and Meenakshi tries to justify Bhavosa but she doesn’t care whatever they have. Dhruv and Meenakshi leaves. Bhavosa thinks that what happens to Meenakshi and she thinks that Dhruv and Meenakshi are making plan to defeat Surya.

Tara ask the soldier that where is Surya. The soldier tells Tara that he is not allowed to say anything to her about Surya.

Surya starts torturing Dolly. Tara ask Kanhaji to help her to find Dolly otherwise Surya will harm Dolly. Tara smells the itching powder and she starts following the soldier with the powder.

Bhavosa follows the footprint of Dhruv and Meenakshi and she thinks that something suspicious is going around. Dhruv and Meenakshi enters a cave to excute the plan. Meenakshi tells Dhruv to remove the footprint otherwise someone will follow us. Bhavosa meets Maan in the jungle and he apologies Bhavosa for his conspiracy against the kingdom.  Bhavosa tells Maan that a mother can forgive but a Rajmata can’t forgive him because he has try to harm the people of kingdom. Maan plans fails to convince Bhavosa.

Dhruv explains the plan Nayanthara to Meenakshi and how it’s work but he is unable to explain the whole plan. The footprint leads Bhavosa to a cave but she find no one in the cave. Dhruv remember the plans and he explains Meenakshi successfully. Dhruv place the mirror everywhere but the shadow is not getting perfect. Dolly is getting torture badly by Surya. Tara spread the burning red chilli in Surya’s torture room to save Dolly but Surya catches Tara and tells her that he will fails every plan of her. Dhruv remember the plan again and he takes another attempt and this time the plan work. Surya tells Tara that he has given the time to prove but her time is over now and Dhruv will have to be punished. Surya gives Dolly another choice to leave him. Tara tells Dolly that she will not say anything but Dolly chose to tell the truth. Dolly tells Surya that she wants to take him to Rani Antara. Dolly tells Tara that she will misguide Surya. Dhruv place the mirror to show the reflection of Tara to Surya. Dhruv, Meenakshi, Surya and Dolly is surprised.

Precap-Surya finds Rani Antara unconscious in a dark room.

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