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The episode starts with Tara comes to see Shaurya. Dhruv tells Tara to calm down. Tara tells Dhruv that she has been defeated by Mahaveer and she fails to save royal family. Dhruv assures Tara that Mahaveer will not harm anyone. Tara tells Dhruv that Mahaveer is change now. Meenakshi thinks to do something to save the royal family. Dhruv assures Tara and tells her to give another chance to Mahaveer. Tara ask Dhruv that how will be possible. Dhruv tells Tara to trust him and do as per his guidance.

Mahaveer enters the Mahal. Everyone chants for Mahaveer ji Jai. Mahaveer sees Tara beside him and he sits in the throne. Mahaveer gets impressed with his welcome. Mahaveer tells the everyone that he will sit in the throne in one condition and that is he wants Raj Tilka from his sister’s hands. Mahaveer tells Tara that he wants her to welcome his special guest and remind her about her promise. Mahaveer tells Tara to sing a song on his victory. Mahaveer wants to meet Shaurya. Tara tells Mahaveer that she don’t want Shaurya to know that his mama is a murderer so she wants him to stay away.

Bhavosa comes to meet Shaurya. Shaurya tells Bhavosa that he wants to take the revenge from the killer. Bhavosa tells Shaurya that he is ready to take the revenge. Bhavosa calls Shaurya and tells him that his responsibility to give the poisonous juice to the killer. Shaurya ask the name of the killer and Bhavosa is about to take the name but Dhruv stops her. Dhruv tells Bhavosa that she is not giving a proper lesson to Shaurya. Bhavosa tells Tara to stay away from her family matters. Dhruv tells Bhavosa that she is harming Shaurya’s future. Bhavosa tells Dhruv that she will not keep quiet. Shaurya ask the name of the killer. Dhruv tells Shaurya that revenge is not the solution. Bhavosa ask Dhruv that what is the relationship with him and Shaurya. Dhruv is unanswerable. Bhavosa tells Dhruv that he have no rights on Shaurya. Bhavosa tells Dhruv that no one can stop her to take the revenge.

Mahaveer change the name of Devgarh to Vallavgarh. Douglas enters the Mahal. Tara gets shock to see Douglas. Mahaveer welcome Douglas as his best friend and hug him. Tara ask Mahaveer that how did he know Douglas. Mahaveer tells Tara that Douglas saves his life from Surya’s attack and Douglas is also with him to take the revenge. Mahaveer tells Tara to welcome his guest. Tara tells Mahaveer that Douglas is a selfish man and he already betrayed Surya. Tara tells Mahaveer that Douglas also harm her. Douglas explain Mahaveer that he is his friend. Tara tells Mahaveer that Douglas is a cheater. Mahaveer tells Tara that he is insulting his best friend and well wishers. Tara tells Mahaveer that she will tell the truth to him but Mahaveer is against Tara and he don’t want to listen anything against Douglas. Tara refuse to welcome Douglas. Mahaveer stops Douglas and he tells Tara to offer the garlands. Meanwhile Meenakshi disguise herself in the dress of soldiers and decide to give poisonous juice to Mahaveer. Tara throw the garlands. Mahaveer apologies Douglas. Mahaveer tells the soldiers to bring the bricks of Devgadh. Meenakshi brings the bricks and put the feet on the bricks.

Precap-Dhruv drinks the juice Meenakshi enters Mahaveer’s room to kill him.

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