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The episode starts with Meenakshi tells Bhavosa that she didn’t accept this  forced marriage. Dhruv Tara runs after Meenakshi to stop her. Tara reminds Meenakshi about her promise to Surya. Meenakshi stops herself from jumping. Dhruv tells Meenakshi that he can understand her problem and how difficult will be for her to accept this marriage but it’s upto her weather she can follow the rules by heart. Tara tells Meenakshi that this marriage is forcefully done and she will cancel this wedding.

Mahaveer tells Bhavosa that Shaurya is Dhruv’s son. Bhavosa remembers about Surya’s love for Shaurya. Bhavosa tells Mahaveer that Shaurya is Pratap’s son and he is the next king of Devgadh. Bhavosa tells Mahaveer that no one deny the truth. Mahaveer tells Bhavosa that he have a proposal for her. Mahaveer tells Bhavosa that h will not anyone that Shaurya is Dhruv’s son and if she helps him to rigid Dhruv from Tara’s life then he will allow Shaurya to live with him. Mahaveer tells Bhavosa that we must stand strong and support each other. Mahaveer wants Dhruv to remove from Tara’s life forever. Bhavosa walks away.

Tara comes with Meenakshi to talk with Mahaveer. Tara tells Mahaveer that he has married Meenakshi without her permission. Mahaveer tells Tara that he has given respect to Meenakshi by marrying with her. Mahaveer tells Tara that he will the punishment to her who tries to kill him. Dhruv tells Mahaveer to stop his revenge but Mahaveer tells Dhruv that he has given justice and now we are all in one family. Meenakshi cries and hug Bhavosa. Mahaveer tells Bhavosa to give her blessings. Tara apologise Bhavosa and tells her to invalid this marriage bht Bhavosa gives the blessings to Mahaveer. Bhavosa tells Mahaveer that may he live happily with Meenakshi forever. Bhavosa tells Tara that she has given the permission. Bhavosa tells Tara that Mahaveer have allow Shaurya to sit in the throne and she has accepted his proposal for peace in Devgadh. Mahaveer tells Tara that he has did for her and he has ended the enemyship with Devgadh. Bhavosa tells Meenakshi that she will have to accept this marriage and her well wishes are with her. Bhavosa apologise Mahaveer in the behalf of Meenakshi. Bhavosa tells Mahaveer that she is going to arrange the Bidai of Meenakshi. Mahaveer tells Tara that he and Bhavosa has sign peace treaty and he promise Tara that he will take care of Meenakshi. Tara tells Mahaveer that he is not important for her anymore. Dhruv tells Mahaveer that this is not sign of good man.

Dhruv tells Tara that he feels curious because Bhavosa is enemy of Mahaveer. Dhruv tells Tara that Mahaveer already knew that Shaurya is Dhruv’s son but inspite of that he make him the king. Tara tells Mahaveer that she doubt that something is fishy going around. Dhruv tells Tara that he is always with her.

Mahaveer thinks that he can do anything to get his sister back and throw Dhruv from her life. Mahaveer thinks that Dhruv Tara love story should be ended and he will protect her sister anyhow.

Dhruv Tara comes to meet Shaurya. Tara ask Shaurya that what is he doing. Shaurya tells Tara that he is thanking his father and he will protect his kingdom. Tara ask Shaurya that what was Mahaveer talking with Bhavosa. Shaurya tells Tara that he don’t what where they talking and he was chanting Gayatri Mantras while their conversation. Tara tells Dhruv that some new problem are going to arise.

Bhavosa makes the arrangement of Bidai. Bhavosa has set a platter of gold ornaments. Bhavosa kept the platter in Kul Devi Mandir. Dhruv brings the cloth of Surya and remind him about that person who killed her son. Dhruv tells Bhavosa that now she is giving her daughter to the one who killed Surya. Dhruv tells Bhavosa that he is a bad mother. Bhavosa feels guilty but she can do anything to stop Shaurya. Bhavosa takes the cloth and gives the invitation to Dhruv to attend the Bidai of Meenakshi. Dhruv thinks that he will find what going between Bhavosa and Mahaveer.

Mahaveer thinks that soon he will seprate him from Shaurya.

Precap-Tara brings a sword for Meenakshi and Tara return back all the rakhi’s of Mahaveer and she refuses to accept her brother.

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