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The episode starts with Shaurya tells Surya to save him otherwise they will kill him. Surya walks forward to save Shaurya but some arrows stop him. The Britishers sees from far and enjoy the action. Tara comes forward to save Shaurya. Surya and Tara comes forward to fight and save Shaurya. The Britishers thinks that who is the girl fighting and he decides to kill Shaury. The Britishers comes forward to save Surya and Tara. Surya assures Shaurya that he is save. Maan thinks that what does Douglas upto and why he has killed his own man. Surya thanks Douglas for saving Shaurya. Tara aslo thanks Douglas. Surya ask for his introduction. Douglas says Namaste to Surya. Douglas tells Surya that he is here to do the business and he is from England. Surya welcome Douglas in Devgarh. Douglas starts humilating Tara in English. Douglas ask Tara that how is Shaurya. Tara thanks Douglas and leave with Shaurya. Surya tells Douglas that he wants to punish the kidnappers then only he will return back home. Douglas picks up the arrow and aims to Maan. Douglas tells Surya that Maan is the kidnapper.

Tara thanks everyone for praying for Shaurya. Tara tells everyone that only one person praying they have got Shaurya. Tara calls Chikishar Doctor Dhruv which reminds about old Tara. Dhruv learns from Tara that Shaurya is back home safely. Dhruv thanks Kanhaji by touching his feet. Dhruv Tara are happy.

Surya tells Maan that he is hurt with his betrayals. Surya tells Maan that he will do the justice today. Douglas tells Surya that Maan is his brother. Maan tells Surya that someone’s else plan to kidnaps Shaurya. Surya tells Maan that he will have to get the punishment.

Dhruv and Tara hugged each other. Surya wants to kill Maan but Douglas save Maan and remind him about the brotherhood of his country. Surya tells Douglas that he wants to kill Maan. Douglas tells Surya to forgive Maan in return of his favour. Surya ask Douglas that why he is taking side of Maan. Douglas reminds Surya about his culture and brotherhood.

Tara remember about the promise he made with Dhruv’s mother and the torture which he has faced by Surya. Dhruv cries a lot and he wipes Tara’s tears. Surya tells Douglas that he is leaving because of Douglas but he will not forgive him. Surya orders his soldiers to imprison Maan. Surya tells Douglas that he is having pleasure to meet him and he wants him to invite in his Mahal. Douglas evils eyes to capture India and wants to become the king.

Dhruv and Tara decide to return back 21st Century and they don’t want to stay here further.

Precap-Surya admits Bhavosa that Shaurya is Dhruva and Tara’s son. Bhavosa is hurt and she kills Surya.

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