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The episode starts with Surya comes between Dhruv and Tara. Tara tells Surya to stay away from them. Surya tells Tara that he just come to ask Dhruv about his health. Dhruv tells Surya that he came to have dinner with Tara because she has not eaten anything. Surya ask Dhruv that what he has bring for Tara. Dhruv tells Surya that he had bring orchids for Tara and he wants to apologise Tara for hurting her. Dhruv suggest Surya that he must also apologies Tara for misbehaving her. Surya tells Tara that orchids are very dangerous. Surya tells a soldier to smell the orchid and the soldier gets unconscious after smelling the orchid. Surya tells Tara that the orchids are poisonous and cause damage to the brain. Dhruv feels guilty. Tara ask Dhruv that who hasĀ  given the orchid. Dhruv tells Tara that he find these orchid in the Mahal. Tara ask Surya that why is the orchid in the Mahal. Surya tellsĀ  Tara that the orchids kept to keep the insects away from the Mahal.

Dhruv tells Tara that he is a very bad person. Tara consoles Dhruv that it’s not his fault. Dhruv walks away and Shaurya comes to take his mother. Surya stops Dhruv . Surya tells Dhruv that he has hurted Tara and today again he is trying to hurt her. Dhruv tells Surya that he hasn’t hurt intentionally. Surya tells Dhruv that he is a mental and Tara needs a man who can take care and gives her protection. Dhruv tells Surya that he is a bad person and Tara can die after smelling the orchid. Surya tells Dhruv that if anybody gets to know that he stays with Tara then all will make fun of Tara. Surya tells Dhruv that he is not capable to stay with Tara and he is not supposed to stay in her life. Dhruv ask Tara that weather he is capable for her or not. Tara tells Dhruv that he is perfect for her. Tara prays Kanhaji that Dhruv Tara stays forever. Shaurya comes Tara to help him. Dhruv gets ready and comes to ask Tara. Shaurya tells Dhruv that he is looking handsome.

Bhavosa announces a game which she will get to know that how much a wife loves her husband. Sona Chandi tells Bhavosa that they love their husband so much. Bhavosa tells Sona Chandi that in few minutes she will get to know. Shaurya tells Tara to participate in the game. Bhavosa explains the game through Meenakshi. The game starts Sona Chandi takes first attempt but they fails then Tara throws the garlands and it goes to Dhruv. Dona Chandi aims perfectly to Bheera but Tara continue to throw the garlands to Dhruv. Shaurya tells Tara to aim perfectly. Meenakshi stops the game and Bhavosa announces the winner. Bhavosa announces that the winner that Sona Chandi is the winner. Shaurya ask Tara they why she didn’t aim to Surya. Tara thinks that she is the winner.

Surya ask Bhavosa to prove that how much a husband loves a wife. Meenakshi explains the game to everyone. Tara tells to participate. Meenakshi starts the game everyone breaks the coconut except Dhruv because the Dhruv can’t break the coconut but Dhruv continue try. Tara thinks that why Dhruv didn’t break the coconut. Meenakshi stops the game and Surya announce himself a winner. Tara stops Dhruv. Tara tells Dhruv that some coconuts can’t decide how much he loves her. Surya tells Tara that she knows how to console a kid. Tara gives hopes to Dhruv. Dhruv gets hurt while breaking the coconut. Dhruv thinks that Surya tells him a kid can’t take care of Tara and she needs a man. Dhruv tells Tara that he is not a kid. Tara thinks that Surya is responsible but she will find somehow about his plan.

Precap-Meenashi shows the coconut to Tara and she finds that Dhruv’s coconut is heavy. Surya tries to provoke Dhruv to drink liquor. Dhruv drinks the liquor.

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