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The episode starts with Dhruv fix Surya’s artificial hand. Dhruv tells Shaurya that it’s our responsibility to make thinks beautiful in our life. Dhruv explain Shaurya that he is making his father’s hand beautiful as earlier. Shaurya gets happy to see the hands. Dhruv tells Shaurya that he can make his life more beautiful if he move on in his life. Shaurya hugs Dhruv. Tara is happy to see the bonding if Dhruv and Shaurya. Bhavosa gets worried to see the bondation. Shaurya thanks Dhruv and walks away. Tara tells Dhruv that she has saw beautiful moment after a long time. Dhruv tells Tara that after a long time his son hugs him. Dhruv tells Tara that he knows about the hands was broken by her. Dhruv thanks Tara for bringing Shaurya closer to him. Dhruv Tara shares a beautiful moment. Bhavosa gets jealous because she wants Dhruv to be thrown from Tara’s life forever.

Mahaveer and Meenakshi prays together infront of Kanhaji. Mahaveer prays Kanhaji to separate Dhruv and Tara. Meenakshi prays that she wants to kill Mahaveer to take the revenge. Shaurya prays that he wants his father back in his life like Dhruv. Bhavosa prays that she will not allow Dhruv to take the place of Shaurya’s father. Mahaveer tells everyone that today will the Rajtilak of Shaurya and after that he will make an announcement. Shaurya thanks Dhruv for fixing his father’s hand and the announcement is that Dhruv is new Rajvadh of Devgadh. Mahaveer tells Dhruv that weather he is capable of Tara or not but he wants a Rajvadh immediately. Mahaveer ask Dhruv that did he accept the proposal. Dhruv accept the proposal. A lady inform that someone from the drama company has come to entertain.

Mahaveer ask Tara about her plan. Tara tells Mahaveer to stay alert because she will change the game. Tara starts the puppet show in which she explains about Maa Yashoda and Kanhaiya story. Maa Yashoda meets Devki Maa. Tara tells Shaurya that Kanha ji have two father. Shaurya ask Tara about the full explanation of the story. Tara tells Shaurya that Kanhaji was asked that whom will he select his mother. Mahaveer understand the plan of Tara. Shaurya ask Tara about the answer. Tara tells Shaurya that he is going to be king and he will have to answer whom will Kanhaji will select. Shaurya starts thinking and he about to answer but Bhavosa stops him. Bhavosa tells Shaurya that he will have to think and  answer this question. Tara gives Shaurya till Rajabhisek Time. Mahaveer tells Tara that till then Shaurya will do the puja.

Mahaveer tells Bhavosa that he understood about the plan of Tara. Bhavosa tells Mahaveer that she don’t want Dhruv to be Shaurya’s father. Mahaveer tells Bhavosa that who will Shaurya select as his father.

Dhruv tells Tara that Shaurya will select the both. Dhruv hugs Tara and express his happiness. Dhruv tells Tara that he also love him alot and he wants a special place in Shaurya’s heart. Tara hopes that everything will go fine.

Mahaveer is worried if Shaurya select Dhruv as his father then Dhruv will take Tara and Shaurya forever. Mahaveer don’t want Dhruv to be in Shaurya’s life.

Tara hopes and wait for the moment when Shaurya will accept as his father then after that they will go far away.

Shaurya thinks thraliy about the question he ask about. Sona Chandi tells Shaurya that if man can have two wives then a boy can have two mother. Meenakshi agrees that a child can have two mother if they both love him. Meenakshi tells Shaurya to think properly and he will get the answer.

Precap-Dhuev gets the clothes of Surya and he sits in the puja. Shaurya gets angry and refuse to accept Dhruv as his father.

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