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The episode starts with Tara tells Dhruv that they will leave 17th century with Shaurya. Dhruv dances with joy. Dhruv starts dreaming that they are back in 21st Century and enjoying their life suddenly Shaurya wakes up. Bhavosa thanks Kanhaji.

Surya brings Douglas and his officer in Devgarh. Douglas is stunned to see the palace of Devgarh. Bhavosa gives heart warming welcome to Douglas but Douglas’s evils eyes are on Tara. Douglas tells Surya that he is impress with his hospitality. Surya ask Ranisa about Shaurya. Douglas want to see the Mahal. Tara feels unsafe with Douglas. Surya shows the palace to Douglas and Douglas thinks that he will have this palace and everything one day.

Tara tells Dhruv that she will make the medicine for him before leaving 17th Century. Dhruv ask Tara that why is she upset. Tara tells Dhruv that the guest who save Shaurya are in the Mahal. Tara tells Dhruv that feels curious about that guest. Dhruv tells Tara that he wants to meet the guest. Tar tells Dhruv that they must starts do arrangement for leaving 17th Century. Surya tells Tara that he will not stop them. Tara tells Surya that they will leave with Shaurya and they will never let him meet with Shaurya.

Maan tells the officer that he has betrayed him. The officer tells Maan to have patience and Douglas will not let anything happens to him.

Tara explains the plans to Dhruv. Tara finds that Shaurya is not in his room. Tara tells Dhruv that Surya will have to answer for her questions. Surya hugs Shaurya. Tara tells Shaurya to come to her but Shaurya tells Tara that he wants to stay with his father. Tara drags Shaurya. Surya’s fill with tears. Meenakshi consoles Surya but Surya tells Meenakshi that Shaurya is leaving him forever. Surya tells Meenakshi that he will tell everyone that Shaurya is Dhruv Tara’s son. Meenakshi tells Surya that he must think about Bhavosa and she will hurted more. Surya tells Meenakshi that he is ready to sacrifice his life.

Tara sees a painting in of Shaurya in which Surya seems to be dead. Meenakshi tells Tara to stops Surya.

Surya tells Bhavosa that he wants to make an announcement and apologies to everyone. Surya tells Bhavosa that Shaurya is the son of Dhruv Tara. Bhavosa is shocked and she tells Surya that he has betrayal her. Bhavosa tells Surya that he has bring her enemy to the Mahal and now he is telling that Shaurya is not his son. Surya tells Bhavosa that he is ready for the punishment. Bhavosa tells Surya that she will kill him. Bhavosa takes the sword and kill Surya. Tara wakes up from the dream and rush to stop Surya.

The officer ask Douglas if Surya didn’t accept their proposal. Douglas tells his officer that Surya will killed in anyway.

Precap-Bhavosaa insists Surya to tell the truth but Tara tells Bhavosa that she and Dhruv are married.

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Dhruv Tara 18th May 2024 Written Update: Douglas mind games.