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The episode starts with Shaurya throws his shoe in Dhruv but Tara stops the shoe . Everyone is shocked to see this kind of behaviour of Shaurya. Meenakshi and Mahaveer stops Shaurya for the touching the painting from the fire. Tara starts scolding Shaurya for misbehaving with Dhruv and she tells Shaurya to say sorry to Dhruv. Shaurya denies to apologise and blames Dhruv is a imposter. Shaurya tells Tara that Dhruv has broken his memory box and he burn his father’s painting. Dhruv explain Shaurya that he is not a imposter. Shaurya tells Dhruv that he don’t want to talk to him. Tara tells Shaurya that she wants him to apologise immediately. Shaurya tells Tara that he don’t want to see the face of Dhruv and it’s an order from a king. Tara tells Shaurya that it’s her mistake to make him king and politics will damage a child. Tara tells Shaurya that she will not accept this and Shaurya will get the punishment. Dhruv tries to stop Tara but she tells Shaurya that he will not be a king untill he realises his mistake and apologise to Dhruv. Tara drags Shaurya to his room. Shaurya tells Tara not to interrupt his Rajabhisek. Tara blown off all the lights in Shaurya’s room because she wants Shaurya to stay in dark. Shaurya tells Tara to open door because he is afraid of dark. Tara tells Shaurya that he have lots of ego and arrogance but she will teach him to give respect to elders. Shaurya tells Tara that he will not apologise Dhruv.

Meenakshi sees that Dhruv is crying. Dhruv tells Meenakshi that he fails to be a father. Dhruv tells Meenakshi that he just wants Shaurya to accept him but he misbehave with him and hurt him. Dhruv tells Meenakshi that Tara has stop the shoes on his face but this has hurt in his heart which is incurable. Meenakshi tells Dhruv that someone is teaching Shaurya to misbehave with him.

Mahaveer feels guilty but he can do anything for his sister. Bhavosa tells Mahaveer that if Tara will get to know that her brother is trying to create distance between Shaurya and Dhruv then she will hate his face. Tara comes to Bhavosa and tells her she is a coward. Tara tells Bhavosa that she can also say Shaurya that his father’s murderer is Mahaveer and his grandfather is supporting the murderer but she hasn’t done this otherwise Shaurya’s mind will get affected. Bhavosa tells Tara that Surya is Shaurya’s father and she will not let Dhruv to take his place. Tara warns and challenge Bhavosa that she will not let her succeed in her plan.

Shaurya cries for help and Dhruv rush to him after he listen the cries. Dhruv finds that Shaurya is not in his room. Shaurya gets calm and Dhruv continuously cries for Shaurya but Shaurya calls his father. Tara comes and hug Dhruv. Dhruv tells Tara that he knows she will always hug him but today he is not getting peace.  Dhruv tells Tara that destiny has separated them earlier but he fought with bravery for his Tara. Dhruv tells Tara that he fails to prove a good father. Dhruv starts crying because he loses Shaurya. Tara console Dhruv and she gives him hope that Dhruv will love you one day.

Shaurya make his mind set that he will not accept Dhruv as his father. Dhruv ask Tara that where is Shaurya but she refuses to say. Tara explains Dhruv that she has locked Shaurya in a dark room to teach him a lesson. Dhruv tells Tara that children will understand with love not with the punishment. The gate opens and Shaurya thinks that Surya has come to him but actually it’s Dhruv. Shaurya pushes Dhruv and refuse to accept him as his father.

Precap-Shaueya traps in a room which is full with dangerous gas. Tara prays Kanhaji to fix the issue between Dhruv and Shaurya. Sona Chandi stops Dhruv to enter the room.

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