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The episode starts with Meenakshi tells Dhruv that she respect him alot because apart of he knew that Shaurya is his son but he didn’t say anything about Shaurya to anyone. Dhruv ask Meenakshi that where is Shaurya. Meenakshi tells Dhruv that Surya is in Bhumi Dev Mandir with Bhavosa. Dhruv ask Meenakshi that she is helping him. Meenakshi tells Dhruv that he have more rights on Shaurya than Surya . Dhruv hugs Meenakshi and thanks her. Meenakshi prays Devi Maa that a father didn’t get separated from his son.

Bijli tries to enter the mandir but the soldiers stop her. Bijli tells the soldiers that she wants to meet her God and everyone has equal rights on God. Bheera tells Soldiers to allow her to enter the mandir. Bheera hints Bijli that Surya is busy in the prayer. Bheera wants to see that Bijli enters Shaurya’s life. Bijli sees that everyone is busy in the puja. Bijli throws a flower to Shaurya to call him. Shaurya opens his eyes and sees that Bijli is calling him. Shaurya runs to Bijli and after few moments Surya finds that Shaurya is missing. Surya follows Shaurya because he wants to know that who has taken Shaurya. Surya keeps following Shaurya.

Bhavosa tells Bheera that Surya knows that Surya will not go without meeting and that’s why he completes the puja and leaves the Mahal. The soldiers stop Dhruv to enter the Mahal. Bhavosa ask Dhruv that who has tell him that everyone is in the Mandir. Meenakshi tells Bhavosa that she has tell him. Dhruv ask everyone that where is Shaurya. Sona and Chandi tells Dhruv that Surya has taken away Shaurya.

Surya finds in a hut that Bijli is holding Shaurya. Surya gets angry but he control himself infront of Shaurya. Bijli tells Surya that she wants to meet Shaurya. Surya tells Bijli to take rest and she will meet Shaurya later. Bijli tells Surya that he wants to talk to him. Surya send Shaurya. Surya tells Bijli that he will kill her. Bijli apologies Surya and allow her to stay with Shaurya. Bijli wants to stay with Shaurya in the Mahal and she is ready to accept every conditions of Surya because she can’t live without Shaurya.

Dhruv asks everyone that where Surya has take Shaurya but he gets no answer from everyone. Dhruv ask Kanhaji to help him to find son Shaurya. Dhruv tells Kanhaji to return back his son to him and show him some miracle.

Surya opens the gate and takes Shaurya with him. Bijli has been tied in the huts. Surya tells Bijli that she can’t stay with Shaurya. Bijli is in big problem now. Bijli try to open her hands through a diya . Dhruv keeps on praying. The lanter fells down from Bijli’s hand. Surya apologies Shaurya because he is separating him from Bijli for his betterment. The huts catches fire with the lantern. Dhruv sees the fire. Bhavosa and everyone also sees the fire and rush to check that wheather someone is in the hut. Shaurya sees the fire and try to say something but Shaurya gets his voice back. Shaurya cries for his mother who is stuck in the fire. Shaurya keeps on calling his mother. Surya tells Shaurya to stay here and he will gets his mother back. Dhruv hears that Shaurya is calling for his mother and runs to the hut. Dhruv finds that Tara is lying on the floor and the fire is around her. Dhruv jumps into the fire and find Tara is unconscious. Bhavosa hugs Shaurya and she feels happy to hear Shaurya’s voice. Dhruv sprinkle water on Tara’s face and bring her out of the fire. Bhavosa and everyone sees that Dhruv is carrying Tara in his arms.

Precap-Shaurya prays and chants Mantra for the betterment of his mother. Bijli repeats the Mantra and  everyone believes that Bijli is Tara. Dhruv tells Surya that he is taking his wife and son far away from Devgarh.

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Dhruv Tara 21st February 2024 Written Update: Bijli hides Shaurya