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The episode starts with Tara sees Shaurya lying unconsciously on the floor. Bhavosa tells Tara that Dhruv has push Shaurya in the kitchen which is full with dangerous gases. Shaurya tells Tara that Dhruv is still inside the kitchen. Tara tries to wake up Dhruv but he is not opening his eyes

Tara starts the treatment of Shaurya and Dhruv. Shaurya ask Tara that Dhruv will get fine soon. Tara assures Shaurya that Dhruv will be fine. Shaurya tells Tara that Dhruv save his life. Shaurya tells Tara that why Bhavosa attacks Dhruv and throw him in the kitchen. Tara is shock to hear this. Mahaveer walks away to ask Bhavosa. Tara ask Shaurya to pray for Dhruv. Shaurya comes to Kanhaji to pray for Dhruv. Shaurya lit the Diya and starts praying. Shaurya request Kanhaji to make Dhruv well. Tara starts making the medicine. Dhruv wakes up and starts coughing. Dhruv ask Tara about Shaurya. Tara hugs Dhruv and she starts crying. Tara tells Dhruv that Shaurya has gone to pray for him he has save his life but the game was set by Bhavosa. Tara tells Dhruv that Bhavosa can do anything to separate from Shaurya and Bhavosa has sent the clothes to him on the puja so that Shaurya gets angry on him.

Tara tells Dhruv that she will not forgive Bhavosa for harming him and Shaurya. Dhruv tells Tara that she will not do anything. Shaurya learns all the truth.

Mahaveer tells Bhavosa that Shaurya and Dhruv might kill today because of her. Mahaveer tells Bhavosa that she must listen to him. Tara listen the conversation of Bhavosa and Mahaveer. Bhavosa tells Mahaveer to stay calm and she also feels sorry for hurting Shaurya. Bhavosa tells Mahaveer that she is helping him to separate Dhruv from Tara. Bhavosa tells Mahaveer that she is not like him who is betraying his own sister and she also know that he don’t Dhruv in Tara’s life. Mahaveer tells Bhavosa that this is his last warning but Bhavosa don’t want to listen him. Tara learns that Mahaveer is the main person behind the conspiracy. Mahaveer tells Bhavosa that he will not let her do anything and one day he will separate Dhruv from Tara. Mahaveer learns about the presence of Tara in the room. Tara tells Mahaveer that he is doing wrong and he is making alliance into politics. Mahaveer wants to explain Tara but she didn’t listen him.

Shaurya comes to meet Dhruv. Shaurya starts crying and he reminds about the earlier incident in which Dhruv saves him from the danger. Dhruv wakes up and ask Shaurya what happens. Shaurya tells Dhruv that he feels sad to hurt him and he didn’t understand him. Shaurya tells Dhruv to beat him with his shoe because he realises his mistake. Shaurya wants Dhruv to punish him. Shaurya tells Dhruv that he will punish himself. Dhruv tells Shaurya that he is not upset with him and he is not at all hurt with him. Dhruv tells Shaurya that he loves him alot.  Dhruv hugs Shaurya and they share a father son moment. Shaurya kisses Dhruv.

Mahaveer tries to explain Tara but she is not listening him. Mahaveer tells Tara to talk to him. Tara tells Mahaveer that it’s very difficult for her to accept him as her brother. Tara tells Mahaveer that he don’t want her to stay happy. Tara tells Mahaveer that her brother has changed and he has no feelings for his sister. Tara tells Mahaveer that she didn’t expect this kind of conspiracy from his side. Tara tells Mahaveer that he tried to kill her husband. Tara tells Mahaveer that Tara can’t live without Dhruv and still he tried to separate her from Dhruv. Tara calls Mahaveer a demon. Tara tells Mahaveer that she cried alot when she was separated with him in the earthquake. Tara tells Mahaveer that her Bhaiji would die because she is very much hurt from his betrayal.

Precap-Bhavosa tells Shaurya that Mahaveer kills his father. Shaurya wants Tara to kill Mahaveer but she fails. Dhruv attacks Mahaveer.

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