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The episode starts with Dhruv tells Tara that he has killed the Ravan. Tara thanks Dhruv for saving her. Dhruv is very happy that Tara can speak english. Dhruv tells Tara to see the sky and thank God. Dhruv and Tara together see the sky and thanks. Dhruv tells Tara to see the shooting star. Dhruv tells Tara that he has shown the shooting stars with the telescope. Tara tells Dhruv that she misses that moments when she stay with him. Tara gets emotional and Dhruv consoles her. Dhruv tells Tara tha now they are together and ask her to stay happy.  Dhruv ask Tara will she stays with him forever.

Bhavosa ask Sona Chandi about their arrangements for gangaur. Sona Chandi tells Bhavosa that they are ready with clothes and jewellery. Bhavosa explains the arrangements of the gangaur. A servent informs Bhavosa about Surya. Bhavosa rushes to vaidyala to see Surya. Bhavosa insists Vaidhji that she will give the medicine to Surya. Meenakshi takes Shaurya with her for the arrangements. Bhavosa tells Surya that his mind has become sick. Surya ask Bhavosa to explain what she is trying to say. Bhavosa tells Surya that he has forgotten about humanity. Bhavosa tells Surya that he has disrespect her and Meenakshi. Bhavosa tells Surya that he will have to pay for his sins. Bhavosa reminds Surya that he is forcing Bijli to stay with him. Bhavosa tells Surya that he is not doing good and ask him to free Bijli otherwise he will pay for his sins along with his family. Surya tells Bhavosa that he can’t live without Bijli and he will get her. Meenakshi ask Surya to see his surroundings but because of cruelty he is alone now.

Tara throw mud on Surya’s face. Tara tells Surya that he is stink like like this dirty mud. Surya reminds Tara that he is a king. Tara tells Surya that he is not a king. Tara tells Surya that whenever he will show cruelty like Ravan then her Dhruv will come like Ram to face him. Tara tells Surya that she will stay in the Mahal for Shaurya and challenge him if he tries ever to touch him then she will hurt herself. Surya tells Tara that he will not repeat the mistake but he is determined to get her and will not move back. Tara tells Surya that she will remain of Dhruv.

Gangaur arrangements has been started. Shaurya shows the ring to Tara which he gets from Surya. Pandit ji starts the rituals of Gangaur. Bhavosa tells every Bahu that she will feed the prashad to their husband. Dhruv ask Bhavosa to give the prashad fast because Tara hasn’t eat anything. Bhavosa distributes the prashan. Sona Chandi feed the prashad to Bheera. Tara takes the prashad. Bhavosa tells evryone to go garden and enjoy the meal. Surya tells Tara to give the prashad. Surya tells Tara that she will feed only Dhruv. Surya tells Tara that he will forcefully take the prashad from him. Surya holds Tara’s hand and Tara tries to save herself. Surya mixes something in prashad while talks to Tara . Surya leaves Tara’s hand and Tara went to feed the prashad. Surya thinks that Dhruv will not digest the prashad and within 5 second Dhruv starts getting panic attacks. Surya starts playing drums .

Precap-Bheera shares a plan to Surya which will separate Dhruv from Tara. Dhruv hides himself. Tara tries to find Dhruv.

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Dhruv Tara 28th March 2024 Written Update: Dhruv beats Surya.