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Episode begins with Veer tells Maan that he wiped Disha’s tears. Maan asks him that what’s wrong in that. Veer says that he is in guilt because he hurted Amrita. Maan takes him to his room and gives Amrita’s letter to him. Veer asks him that why the latter did not give this letter till now. Maan tells him that Amrita wanted him to give the letter to Veer when he gets married.

Veer tells him that this marriage is just an arrangement. Maan asks him that if the latter want the letter or not. Veer tells him that he want the letter right now. Maan tells him that Amrita knew the latter will need this that’s why she left this letter for him. Disha brings the sweet dish she made. Veer leaves from there with the letter. Maan tastes the sweet dish and gives shagun to Disha.

Veer reads the letter and cries. Sanjot comes there and takes the letter from Veer. She reads the letter which states that Amrita is happy that Veer moved on in his life. She says that no one can snatch Amrita from Veer and Veer has to get life partner and make her life beautiful. And says Amrita is Veer’s past and Veer should live his present life. She adds that Veer’s life partner has rights on his love and asks Veer to love once again. She shows Disha to Veer. Disha gives sweet dish to everyone. She notices Dilpreet going inside without eating sweet dish.

Veer takes the sweet dish bowl from Disha and eats it. Sanjot smiles seeing this. She asks him that how it tastes. He tells her that it’s good and goes inside. Disha smiles hearing this. Sanjot blesses her. Disha asks Sanjot that if Dilpreet is angry at her. Sanjot asks her that why the latter feeling like this. Disha tells her that Dilpreet did not eat the sweet dish she made.

She says that this marriage is just for namesake so their relationship won’t get affected because the marriage. Sanjot takes her inside and gives jewel to her. She says that she brought this for Amrita. Disha asks her that why the latter is giving her this. Sanjot tells her that the latter is Alia’s mother now. She says that this family get completed with Disha’s arrival. She hope that Veer also agree Disha as his wife. Disha thanks her for making her feel comfortable and giving love. Sanjot hugs her. She asks her to keep everyone happy. Disha accepts the jewel and leaves from there.

Nimrit asks Dilpreet that why he is angry at Disha and how long Salty will stay there. Sanjot tells them that they can’t do anything because if they did then Veer and Disha’s marriage will break. She tells Dilpreet to tolerate Salty for Veer and Alia’s happiness.

Veer tells Maan to talk to Aastha. He thinks that he can’t wait to read Amrita’s next letter.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Salty tells Rohan that she will give Shekhar to him today. She tries to take Rohan and Alia out of the house.

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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 14th October 2023 Written Update: Veer apologizes to Maan