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Episode begins with Salty asks for food from Nimrit. Nimrit tells her that pest control work happened in the kitchen and she will bring food and goes inside. Sanjot tells Salty that she did not forgive her yet. Salty tells her that she is ashamed of her doings and even God gave punishment to her for that. Sanjot says that Salty will get food and goes inside. Nimrit threatens Salty and gives food to her.

Maan tells Veer that he don’t know how to apologize to Aastha. Veer asks Maan to practice with him once. He notices that Aastha is calling Maan. He tells Maan that it looks like dil ka connection between the latter and Aastha and leaves from there. Aastha tells Maan to receive the courier and disconnects the call. Maan receives the courier and sees divorce papers.

Veer screams that he forgot to take bath towel. Shekhar and Alia hears this. Alia tells Disha to give towel to Veer. Disha gives towel to Veer. Veer notices that there is no button in his shirt. Disha tells him that she will stitch the button. She smiles when he screamed. He tells her that his smile went when Amrita died. She tells him that he can’t smile but he can copy her. He smiles lightly.

Nimrit wonders that where Rana went. Rana comes there and scolds her. She tells him that she understands everything but she did nothing deliberately. He tells her that he can’t understand and he can’t tolerate her but he can’t throw her out of the house so he will stay in delhi. He says that Maan and Aastha suffered a lot because of Nimrit and he may feel less guilty after telling the truth to them.

Salty gives toys to Shekhar. Shekhar gets excited seeing the toys. Salty tells Alia to get toys. Alia tells her that she has many toys. Salty gives make-up kit to Alia and the latter accepts it. She thinks that she will use Alia to get Shekhar.

Next day, Maan and Rana drinks together. Maan tells him about divorce matter. Rana tells him that he will talk to Aastha. Maan asks him to not do it because Aastha is right.

Nimrit tells Sanjot and Dilpreet about Rana’s decision. She says that they have to stop Rana from going to Delhi and revealing the truth to Maan. They goes to Maan and Rana. Maan tells them that Aastha sent divorce papers. They gets shocked hearing this.

After some time, Dilpreet tells Sanjot that Veer want to return and Rana don’t want to stay and Aastha want to divorce Maan. Sanjot asks him that why God is punishing them like this. He says that Salty is responsible for all this and leaves from there. She cries recalling Dilpreet’s words. Disha comes there and asks Dilpreet that what happened. Sanjot tells her that her family is breaking. Disha asks her to not worry because she will handle everything.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Salty tells Rohan that she will bring Shekhar to him.

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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 16th October 2023 Written Update: Sanjot tries to unite Veer and Disha