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Episode begins with Salty tells Rohan that today she will hand over Shekhar to him. She tells Alia that they will get admission for Shekhar in the latter’s school. Alia gets excited that Shekhar will study in her school. Veer asks them that where they are going. Salty tells him that she want to drop kids in the school. He tells her that he will drop them. She tells him that she will accompany them for Shekhar’s admission. She takes the tiffin box from Alia’s bag without anyone’s knowledge.

Sanjot tells Disha that Veer getting used to stay away from Alia. Disha tells her that the distance between Veer and Alia will decrease. She says that she is sure Veer will hug Alia wholeheartedly. She notices the baby dress and asks about it to Sanjot. Sanjot tells her that they belongs to Veer.

Salty gives Alia’s bag to Alia. Disha asks Salty that where the latter is going. Salty tells her that she is going to Alia’s school for Shekhar’s admission. Veer asks Disha to not worry because he is going with them. They leaves the house. Salty tells Alia that there is no tiffin box in the latter’s bag. Veer goes inside to take the tiffin box. She sends Alia from there. She takes Shekhar from there. Dilpreet comes there and stops Salty.

Disha asks Rana that if he is going anywhere. Rana asks her that what she want. She asks him that if he talked to Aastha. She says that she is feeling bad that all this happening from the time she entered the house. She adds that she feel like she is unlucky for this house. He tells her that they don’t think like that. She tells him that she want to stop Maan and Aastha’s divorce. She asks him to help her to stop the divorce. He tells her that she is thinking like Amrita, and Veer is lucky. He decides to not go anywhere. Veer overhears their conversation. He thanks Disha. Disha tells him that this is her family too.

Dilpreet asks Salty that where she is taking to Shekhar. Salty tells him that she want to eat chaat. He tells her that Sanjot makes delicious chaat. He takes Shekhar with him. Sanjot asks Veer that why he left Shekhar with Salty. Veer asks her that what happened. Dilpreet brings Shekhar. Shekhar tells Veer to play with him. Veer tells him that he will return after giving tiffin box to Alia. Disha tells Dilpreet that she feel like he is hiding something from him. Dilpreet shook his head. Disha tells Sanjot that she stopped Rana. Sanjot gets happy. Nimrit thanks Disha.

Veer plays with Shekhar. He tells him that he will teach him studies. Shekhar goes inside. Disha asks Veer to show this care towards Alia too. She talks to him about Maan and Aastha’s divorce. She says that Alia is suffering without her mistake.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Rohan tells Salty to kill Dilpreet.

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