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Episode begins with Veer reads Amrita’s second letter. In the letter, Amrita asks Veer that don’t he see her in their child. She tells him to keep their child safe. Later, Maan asks Sanjot that if she is writing third letter. Sanjot tells him that Veer is not ready to move on after reading Amrita’s letter too. He tells her that Veer will get courage to move. She thanks him for supporting her in her plan. He asks her that if she really want Veer and Disha fell for each other. She tells him that she also want him to reunite with Aastha.

He tells that Aastha sent divorce papers so that’s not possible. She tells him that Aastha is hurt but she love him still. She decides to go to gurudwara. He reminds her that she did not go to gurudwara from the last 10 years. She tells him that she will pray for his and Aastha’s reunion. Disha overhears their conversation and decides to help Sanjot.

Disha asks Sanjot to give Veer’s baby clothes. Sanjot asks her that what the latter will do with those clothes. Disha tells her that she will use those clothes to unite Veer and Alia.

On the other hand, Salty tells Rohan that they can’t succeed until Dilpreet is there. Rohan tells her to kill Dilpreet. She asks him that if he is mad. She says that she has to run away forever if she killed another person then. He tells her that she has experience now. He orders her to bring his son to him at any cost and disconnects the call. Dilpreet warns Salty to not go near Shekhar and Alia. Salty thinks that she has to get rid of Dilpreet.

Nimrit tells Rana that she knew he won’t leave the house. Rana tells Nimrit that he changed his decision for Dilpreet and Sanjot. He says that Disha changed his mind and leaves from there.

Disha gives saree to Rana. She tells him that Maan bought this saree for Aastha. She asks him to courier this saree to US. He tells her that Maan should get gift too. She tells him that she don’t know about Maan’s liking and she will think something.

Sanjot makes prasad. Dilpreet tries to eat the prasad but Sanjot stops him and tells him that she kept halwa for him in the bowl. Salty hears this and thinks that she found a way to kill Dilpreet.

Veer gets excited seeing his childhood photo. Disha helps Alia to get ready like Veer. Veer gets surprised seeing Alia. Alia asks him that if she look like him. Sanjot makes Alia stand beside Veer. She says that Alia look like childhood Veer. She tells Veer to do ‘nazar utarna’. Veer does it ( Title song plays in the background ). He leaves from there. Sanjot follows him and tells him to express his love.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Veer learns that Alia is yearning for his love. Salty mixes poison in the halwa.

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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 18th October 2023 Written Update: Disha wants to stop Maan’s divorce