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Episode begins with Salty decides to mix poison in the halwa to kill Dilpreet. And she mixes poison in the halwa without anyone’s knowledge. Meanwhile, Alia thanks Amrita for sending Disha and Shekhar in her life. She asks her to make Veer love her. She tells her that Veer don’t take her out and he don’t sing lullaby for her. She apologizes to her for complaining about Veer. She hope that Veer also buys toys for her like how her friend’s father buys toys for her friend. Veer hears everything. Disha tells him that Alia is his daughter and asks that don’t he understand Alia’s dil diyan gallan. He tells her that he will leave soon. She tells him to think about present. He asks her to accompany him to buy doll. She smiles hearing this.

Later, Veer keeps the doll on Alia’s table. He caresses Alia’s head who is sleeping. Disha smiles seeing this. They leaves from there. Alia wakes up and says that Veer sung a lullaby for her in her dream. Veer tells Disha that he is feeling good. Disha tells him that Amrita’s soul will get happy if he express his love openly then.

Alia decides to sleep again to dream about Veer. She falls on the bed. Veer comes there and hugs Alia. He picks her and dances with her ( Title song plays in the background). Brar family smiles seeing this. Alia vomits blood. Everyone gets shocked seeing this and runs to Alia. Maan says that they should take Alia to the hospital.

Salty misunderstands that Dilpreet died. Shekhar tells her about Alia’s condition. Salty thinks that she can leave with Shekhar if everyone left for the hospital then. Dilpreet tells brar family ladies to stay in the house and take care of Shekhar.

Brar men admits Alia in the hospital. Maan tells his family that it’s a food poisoning case. He asks them that what Alia ate. Dilpreet recalls that how he feed halwa to Alia because she was hungry. He tells Maan that Alia ate prasad and Sanjot makes prasad carefully.

After some time, Veer asks Maan that if Alia will be fine. Maan tells him that it’s a poisoning case. Veer tells him that he can’t lose Alia. He pleads him to save Alia. Maan looks at Alia who is unconscious. He recalls Veer’s words. He also recalls that how Amrita died and cries. He asks hospital staff to call pediatrician.

Nimrit tells Sanjot that Alia ate poisoned food. Sanjot tells her that Alia ate prasad only. Salty wonders that when Alia ate prasad. She tells Disha to go to hospital because Veer need the latter now. Sanjot agrees with Salty. Disha leaves for hospital.

Veer gets worried about Alia. Alia asks him that why he is worried when he don’t love her. He tells her that he realised how precious she is for him. He apologizes to her and it turns out to be his imagination.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Dilpreet questions Salty. Salty accepts in front Dilpreet that she mixed poison in the halwa. Rohan attacks Dilpreet.

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