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The episode starts with Amrita saying she can’t understand what emotions she has for Veer right now. She is worried for him as he is her good friend. Ria overhears what she has said. She asks Amrita why the latter crossed her line. She came here for few days and she is showing right over him. Ria warns Amrita to stay away from her friend. Amrita says why she is talking nonsense. Ria blames her for Veer’s condition and Amrita says that’s not true because if Riya didnt come there with Dilpreet nothing would have happened to Veer. They went there to bring proofs only. Amrita says Veer is her friend too. Ria says for few days only because she will go back to America but Ria will be there for Veer always. She says since Maan signed the NOC then Amrita should also leave without wasting time. Amrita is about to leave but Ria thanks her before she leaves. She says she didn’t expect Amrita will fulfil her promise. Amrita says Brars always fulfil their promises.

Amrita leaves and Ria sits beside Veer holding his hand. She says he should not listen to Amrita because she is an NRI and they change their colors in seconds. Ria says but she will always support him and she wants him to recover fast. She can’t live without him, she realised it finally that she can’t see him in pain and she loves him. Nimrit hears her love confession and Ria leaves Veer’s hand seeing her. Randeep comes to Nimrit and the latter says she wants go back home right now. Nimrit is about to go and Ria stops her. Nimrit says Ria is going towards destruction and she didn’t expect this from her. Nimrit leaves and Ria sees Amrita is standing. Sanjot goes to see Veer. There Amrita receives Maan’s call. He asks her how is she? She thanks him and he asks her the reason. She says she heard he signed a document to help someone so she is thanking him. He says being helpful is always good. She says she will come back soon, he feels hesitant to ask her something.

Maan asks her where she is staying how are the men there? He says in today’s era youngesters are taking things very casually. He advises her that love should be serious and it should not be casual. Amrita asks him if he is saying all these casually only. Sanjot shows concern to Veer and the latter says why they waited for him. They should go home. Sanjot says how can they leave him alone in this state. She goes to call Dilpreet. Maan tells Amrita that she should choose the right guy for herself, she says if he thinks she is here for her love interest. Sanjot learns that Dilpreet went out. She calls him and asks him if he is going to Kushwant. Dilpreet says he was waiting for Veer to gain consciousness, now he will teach lesson to Kushwant and then only he will show his face to Veer. Sanjot tries to stop him but in vain.

Maan tells Amrita that he never discussed about love with her, this is the first time he is doing that. He says love is painful. Nimrit tells Randeep that Ria has lost it that she fell in love with Veer without thinking about his family background. She says Veer is not suitable for Ria. Maan explains what is love to Amrita, he says love is friendship and lovers understand each others’ situation very well. No matter what happens their priority is their relationship so they always try to save it. Amrita gets reminded of Veer hearing that. Sanjot calls Amrita and Maan asks her who is calling her.

Precap- Dilpreet beats Kushwant with a stick for hurting Veer. Kushwant punches him back and Amrita also gets punched by him while trying to save Dilpreet.

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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Astha informs Maan about Amrita’s love interest