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Episode begins with Aastha hugs Alia. Disha tells Aastha to reunite with Maan forgetting all the problems. Aastha thanks her. Disha asks her that if the latter will thank to Amrita. Aastha gets emotional and blesses her. She hugs her. Rana takes Aastha’s blessings. He gives Alia’s report to Maan. Aastha asks that who mixed poison in Alia’s food.

Dilpreet reveals that Salty mixed poison in the halwa to kill him. Disha says that she knew Salty won’t change. Shekhar tells Disha that Salty beat Dilpreet up. Disha apologizes to Dilpreet on behalf of Salty. Aastha asks Dilpreet that why Salty want to kill him. Veer gets call to confirm his flight ticket. Alia tells him to not go.

After some time, Sanjot tells Dilpreet that they should not tell the truth to Veer. She asks him that can he handle the burden if Veer and Disha’s relationship gets broken because of the truth revelation. Dilpreet tells Sanjot that he decided to tell the truth to Maan and Veer.

Disha makes Alia and Shekhar sleep. She asks Veer that when he is going. Veer tells her that he is not going. He asks her to support him. She tells him that she will support him always. They shares an eye lock. He hugs her. Nimrit cries seeing this. Rana comes there. She cries hugging him.

Maan sees Sanjot writing a letter for Veer. Sanjot tells Maan that Veer is going to get to know the truth so she wants to prepare him to accept the truth. Maan nods at her and leaves from there. Veer sees Sanjot writing a letter. He asks Sanjot that if she wrote all those letters. Sanjot tells him that he was stuck in his life and she wanted him to move on in his life that’s why she did this. He tells her that she tricked him and played with his emotions. He goes to the hall angrily.

Dilpreet says that he want to say something. Nimrit apologizes to Maan and Veer. She tells them everything about Salty and Amrita’s accident. Disha tells Veer that she don’t know anything about all this. Veer tells Disha that she is daughter of murderer of Amrita. He says that he can’t stay with Disha. He tells her to leave from his house. And he leaves for airport. Maan stops Veer. He tells Veer that everyone lost Amrita. He asks him to not punish Disha for the mistake Salty did. He requests him to not leave for family’s sake. He goes inside.

Sanjot worries that if Veer left. Maan says that he failed to convince Veer. Disha tells him that it was not his mistake. She says that she should leave because she is not their family member. Veer comes there and says that he can’t leave his family. He tells Disha that she is also his family member. He hugs Dilpreet and Sanjot. They poses for a family photo.

Show ends.

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