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The episode starts with Tavleen recalling Maan’s words. Khushwant says he will not allow Maan to take Rana away from jail. Tavleen asks Khushwant to calm down. Khushwant doesn’t calm down. Tavleen throws water on Khushwant’s face to calm him down. Tavleen reminds Khushwant that Maan is going to submit the original report tomorrow and says they still have time to think of something. Tavleen says she knows what she has to do.

Sanjot says to Dilpreet that Maan is leaving tomorrow. Sanjot asks Dilpreet to hug him and send him away with a smile. Dilpreet says he needs some sugar in his tea. Sanjot agrees and pours sugar in the tea even after Dilpreet told her to stop. Dilpreet asks Sanjot about it. Sanjot says she hasn’t heard his words just like he hasn’t heard her words. Sanjot is about to leave from there. Dilpreet stops Sanjot and says he heard everything that she said. Dilpreet talks with Sanjot and agrees with what she said that what Maan did this time is worth praising him. Dilpreet agrees to hug Maan after Rana gets released from jail. Dilpreet and Sanjot talk about staying together lifelong with each other.

Maan says to Veer that they have to take evidence to the police station one way or another. Veer says to Maan that Maan will take the courier but he will not go to the police station as if someone wants to stop Rana from being released then they will stop him. Veer gives the responsibility of taking evidence to the police station to Amrita and Aastha.

The next day, The police put handcuffs on Rana. Dilpreet asks the cops what are they doing? Dilpreet reminds cops that they will get a hard copy of the evidence. The cops say to Dilpreet that they can’t stop doing their work and wait for their evidence. Rana asks them to wait for sometime and says Maan will get evidence to prove his innocence. The inspector gives them 10 more minutes.

Astha and Amritha see that their vehicle tyre is punctured. They ask a passerby for instructions. The passerby gives the wrong instructions to the police station. It is shown the passerby is Khushwant’s man and he called Khushwant and told him that he gave wrong directions to Astha and Amritha. Khushwant says it’s good. Amrita and Astha go in the wrong direction and they doubt the way and ask for a bike person if they are going in the correct direction to the Police station. A bike person says it’s not the way. Astha asks him to drop them at the police station and offers to give him money. The bike person steals Amrita’s bag and escapes from there. Amrita informs her dad about it and tells him the bike number.

Maan catches a Bike person and takes Amrita’s bag from him. A bike person informs Kushwant that he did his work. Maan’s car fuel gets leaked and it stops on the way. Amrita, Astha, and Veer reach the police station and ask if Maan didn’t come. Rana says they are waiting for him and asks why he didn’t come. Amrita says he will come bringing the evidence she lost. Maan runs from there to reach the police station. Kushwant’s man throws marbles on his way. Maan falls by stepping on marble and loses consciousness. Amrita calls Maan but Kushwant’s man cuts the call.

Inspector asks Brar’s to stop their dramas. Police try to take Rana from there without listening to Brar’s. Tavleen stops the police vehicle by placing her Jeep on the way. Tavleen says Maan can never fulfill his promise. She asks the Inspector to leave Rana. The inspector says he needs proof to release him. Maan says he is here with proof. He gives an envelope to the Inspector. The inspector says it’s a letter without a stamp so they won’t accept it. Maan says the bike person might be removed the stamp from it. The inspector asks him to stop his lies. Rana asks Maan why he promises when he can’t fulfill them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Tavleen turns Rana against Maan and takes him with them.

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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 26th May 2023 Written Update: Maan finds evidence in favour of Rana