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The episode starts with Sanjot crying over the fact Dilpreet now doesn’t want to see Maan but once upon a time he was his life. Amrita asks her to not cry during festival, her mother says the same. Sanjot asks her mother is a foreigner but still knows about Indian culture. Amrita says if she wants to talk to her mother? Sanjot says yes. There Nimrit tells Dilpreet that his choice is great. Ria and Veer will look great together. Randeep says they should ask Veer and Ria as well what are their thoughts for marriage. Nimrit tells Dilpreet to talk to Veer and she will talk to Ria about their engagement. There Amrita video calls Astha and wishes her happy lohri. Astha says Maan is taking rest after decorating the house. Amrita tells Astha beforehand to cover her head with dupatta. Astha does so and Sanjot finally sees her. They both get teary seeing each other. Sanjot gets delighted knowing Astha is Gujrati not foreigner. Sanjot performs the welcoming ritual from there which she couldn’t do that time.

Sanjot says Maan’s choice is so good. Astha says she couldn’t take her blessings and she waited for that moment for years. Sanjot says but she knew before death she will be able to see her for sure. Amrita made it possible. Astha asks Sanjot if she wants to see her son Maan. Sanjot says yes and Astha goes towards his room and Sanjot closes her eyes. Amrita asks her if she is angry with Maan so she doesn’t want to see him. Sanjot says she can’t break her promise to Dilpreet which she made in the hospital. She says she is bound to choose Dilpreet and Amrita says but why she chose him over Maan knowing the whole truth. She adds Sanjot got stuck between Maan and Dilpreet’s misunderstanding. Astha says Sanjot is much more experienced than them so she took the decision for some valid reason.

Dilpreet calls Sanjot and the latter tells Astha to call her often and tell her about Maan. Astha says she will do that obviously. Amrita says she will also join them, Sanjot and Amrita dance with the family during the celebration. Ria feels why Sanjot is looking so happy with Amrita. She decides to send away Amrita from her family as soon as possible. Astha hugs Maan happily saying she got the real happiness today. He asks her the reason and she keeps it a secret and celebrates her joy with him. He says she has gone crazy.

Randeep’s friend comes to the celebration and dances. Randeep tells him to leave as anyone can question him because he is bank staff. Amrita takes Veer aside and notifies him that Sanjot is aware of the truth. Veer hugs her for giving such a big happiness. Ria witnesses their hug and gets heartbroken. Veer leaves and Ria calls him as Dr Dungar Pal and the latter tells her to keep her volume low. Noone should know that he is professor Dungar Pal. Amrita gets shocked knowing he is the professor only. Before she could confront him she gets a message which says her Thesis has been rejected. Amrita feels why Veer rejected her paper without discussing with her. He was in front of her but still rejected the thesis.

Chadda dances with Dilpreet and after a small conversation Chadda reveals that Maan gave his sign on the NOC already so the locker can be opened soon. Dilpreet stops the celebration angrily and Randeep tells him to calm down but Dilpreet questions Chadda.

Precap- Nimrit tells Dilpreet they have their own reasons to open the locker as they suffered because of Maan. Amrita tells Veer why he rejected her thesis and hid the truth?

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Dil Diyaan Gallaan 28th January 2023 Written Update: Nimrit gives her consent for Ria and Veer’s wedding