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Sab TV brand new show Dil Diyan Gallan is all set to entertain the viewers with it’s fresh storyline. Amrita lives with her family in New York and she has some past hurtful experience in India related to her grandparents.

The leads of the show Paras Arora and Kaveri Priyam have been introduced as Amrita and Veer. It will be interesting to watch how Amrita comes back to India and sort out all the unsolved issues in her family.

In previous episode Ria decides to throw Amrita out of the house as soon as possible by rejecting her thesis work. Dilpreet learns that Veer will get discharged and he shares this happily with Amrita. She buys a sweet corn for him and recalls how Maan told her Dilpreet likes it.

Dilpreet asks for the video recording of Kushwant from Amrita but she says it was a lie to scare him but she got a strong evidence against him. She gives Dilpreet an address and they get to know that Kushwant will build alcohol factory on the land and Dilpreet says they cant let him ruin the lives of others.

He thanks Amrita for the proof which will help them to get back their land. Veer will get justice as well. There Veer takes rest and Ria tries to send a rejection mail to Amrita from his mail id. But Dilpreet and Amrita return home and he praises her intelligence. Ria gets irked and blames her for Veer’s condition.

Dilpreet tells her not to do that. Sanjot is about to receive Maan’s phone call in Amrita’s phone but she takes it back on time. Later Ria confronts Veer for hiding about his profession from everyone. Veer says he wants to hide it from Amrita for a reason.

Ria asks him to approve her thesis as the latter can’t stay here forever. Later Amrita and Ria both give water to him but he takes the glass from Amrita which upsets Ria.

In future episode viewers will see Dilpreet will think of giving his property to Veer and Randeep. Amrita will say Maan will give his share to Randeep happily as he is a great human being. She will question Dilpreet’s decision of throwing him out.

Will Ria tell Dilpreet about Amrita’s real identity?

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