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Sab TV brand new show Dil Diyan Gallan is all set to entertain the viewers with it’s fresh storyline. Amrita lives with her family in New York and she has some past hurtful experience in India related to her grandparents. The leads of the show Paras Arora and Kaveri Priyam have been introduced as Amrita and Veer. It will be interesting to watch how Amrita comes back to India and sort out all the unsolved issues in her family.

In previous episode Veer’s operation is going on and Dilpreet recalls the stormy night when he brought Veer home when he was tiny baby. Sanjot also cherishes the moments when she was happy to see the baby and then they both found a reason to live.

They raised Veer like their own son and he became their support system when their sons didn’t fulfil the duty. Nimrit learns from Randeep that Dilpreet is planning to get Ria married to Veer. He states Ria also loves Veer, Nimrit says she is still immature and Veer has no family background so they can’t trust him.

He can’t be the suitable groom for Ria. There Astha tells about Amrita’s love interest to Maan and the latter wonders who is the lucky guy. Randeep says he will fulfil his daughter’s wish of marrying Veer. Later Amrita shows concern to Veer by holding his hand and asks him recover soon. She says she needs him. Ria feels jealous seeing that.

In future episode viewers will see Ria will ask Amrita whats her problem? She will tell her that you have no right over Veer. Ria will ask Amrita to leave as they got Maan’s sign. Ria will make love confession to Veer and Nimrit will hear that.

Will Ria tell Dilpreet about Amrita’s real identity?

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