Disha Patani celebrates Valentine’s Day with underprivileged kids, discloses about being a weird shy kid and insists on urges girls to be independent and learn self-defense!

The Bollywood newbie and everyone’s favorite, Disha Patani reveals some interesting facts about her teenage days and school time including how she was never the lucky kid and how she finds Mumbai the safest city ever on a chat show with YouTuber Hanee Chavan on this


Coming from a small town, Bareilly to making it big in Bollywood, Disha admits to still thinking that she is not a star but a struggler and hates watching her own movies as she judges herself too much!

Disha celebrated her Valentine’s Day early by taking daily wage background kids to a store and styling them in new clothes. Valentine’s Day is all about spreading love and Disha spread smiles on the faces of these underprivileged kids and gifted all of them the clothes from the store along with cupcakes and balloons. The kids were big Disha Patani fans and fell in love with her cute bubbly self instantly.


Disha is relieved she’s not studying anymore and discloses about how she was always the unlucky girl and nothing lucky has ever happened to her but has worked hard to achieve her dreams!


She addresses the teenagers of today asking them to believe in themselves and urges women to learn self-defense and not be dependent on anyone.