Known for her strong yet stylish appearances, Divya Agarwal who is seen in various reality shows, music videos, movies and also is a popular social media figure surely knows how to keep it all sassy and stylish. The actress is seen now on Bigg Boss Ott as a contestant. She has been praised by many people for her outstanding personality, her ability to take a stand, speaking for herself and many other things. In short, Divya is full power pack of the show. You name the qulaities and she has got it.

There is no doubt that she has a massive fan following and people love her. Her appearance in Bigg boss has proved to many that she is indeed a very strong person and will take no wrong. Alongside her gaming skills, one thing that came out is Divya’s fashion sense. The audience love her for her game but they also have constant eyes on Divya to see what new trend she brings in the show. Divya is seen wearing amazing outfits in the show. Be it morning midday or evening she slays it all.

With her game, her fashion sense is trending a lot. She has also been praised for her styling skills. Along with the audience she is also praised by the host and the guests coming to Bigg boss’s house

It really soothes the viewer’s eyes to see her every day in such gorgeous outfits. We wish to see her more in trendy outfits in the coming days of bigg boss ott.